BRP registration for privileged persons

Are you working in the Netherlands as a diplomat or consular officer? Or are you working for the International Court of Justice, the United Nations, Europol, the European Patent Office or a similar type of organisation? Then you have special residency status as a privileged person. You can register in the Personal Records Database (BRP).

If you are a staff member of a diplomatic mission or consular post, you are registered in the Probas (Protocol Base) Personal Records Database of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You can also choose to be registered in the BRP of the Municipality of The Hague. You can do this at The Hague International Centre.

  • You have a privileged status in the Netherlands.
  • You will be living in The Hague region.

  • Make an appointment at The Hague International Centre to register in the Personal Records Database (BRP). The website will also explain which documents you need to take to your appointment.
  • You will be registered in the BRP during this appointment.

Read more about the Begin external link: registration procedure for privileged persons(External link), end external link. on the website of The Hague International Centre .


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