Household rubbish

  • Underground rubbish containers for a clean neighbourhood

    The municipality wants to make The Hague a cleaner city. This is why the kerbside collection of garbage bags is being phased out. A large part of The Hague has underground rubbish containers instead.

  • Household waste calendar

    The household waste calendar lists the collection days for your rubbish: household waste, paper, organic waste (GFT), or plastic packaging, tin and drink cartons.

  • How to put out your household waste

    Read the rules for disposing of your household rubbish (not oversized waste, large garden waste or domestic chemical waste).

  • Order or give back a rubbish bin

    Do you live in a neighbourhood where rubbish bins (kliko's) for household waste, paper, organic waste (GFT) and/or plastic packaging, tin and drink cartons are in use? Order a new container or trade in a container for another size for free.

  • Report a full or broken container

    Is the underground rubbish container (ORAC) in your street full or broken? Or have you seen a full recycling bin for glass, paper or plastic packaging, tin and drink cartons? Report this to the municipality.

  • Adopt an underground container

    Residents can adopt a container and help to keep the area around the container clean and tidy.

  • Penalty for improper waste disposal

    Have you disposed of your household rubbish improperly? For example, too early, too late or next to a container? Then you could get a fine if the municipality needs to remove your rubbish.

  • Nuisance Penalty

    Municipal wardens check for violations in the public space, such as dog poop and improperly disposed of household rubbish and company waste.