Report uncollected rubbish and old paper

If your household rubbish or old paper or the rubbish in your entire street has not been collected, you can report this to the municipality.

Did you put your rubbish out on time and in the correct way? But was it still not collected by 17.00 hrs. on the collection day? Report this to the municipality using the button ‘Report a problem in the public space’ on this page. Or contact the municipality on the following weekday.

You can report uncollected rubbish and old paper online:

The Haagse Milieu Services (HMS) will collect your household rubbish the first weekday after you filed your report.

You may put out household rubbish and paper after 22.00 hrs. on the evening before and before 7.45 hrs. on the collection day itself. Look at the rules for disposing of your household rubbish. Consult the household waste calendar to see the collection days for your street. Did you dispose of the waste incorrectly? Then you run a risk that it will not be collected.


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