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Household waste calendar

Would you like to know when your household rubbish will be collected? Click on the online household waste calendar to see how the rubbish is collected in your street.

Please note: not all neighbourhoods have door-to-door collection of household rubbish, organic waste (GFT) and plastic packaging, tin and drink cartons.

Even if you only have a container for organic waste (GFT), you will find the collection day in the household waste calendar. Special collection days, such as collection days for Christmas trees, are also in the calendar.

Go to the online household waste calendar. Fill in your postal code and house number. You will right away see when the household rubbish will be collected in your street.

View the household waste calendar

Do you use on-street containers for different types of waste collection? Such as household waste or paper? Or does your building have its own indoor facilities for separate rubbish collection? The collection days on the household waste calendar do not apply to these bins and containers. You can dispose of your rubbish in these containers any day of the week.

Paper version of the household waste calendar

You can get a paper version of the household waste calendar (huisvuilkalender) at a city district office or public library. You do not need to make an appointment to do this.

Collection days for Christmas trees

The municipality will pick up Christmas trees 1x a week in the city between 2 and 14 January 2020:

  • Look at the household waste calendar to see when the Christmas trees will be picked up in your street.

  • Place your tree on the sidewalk before 7.45 hrs. on the collection day.

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Published: 8 December 2016Modified: 17 December 2019