Household waste calendar

Look at the online household waste calendar to see which household rubbish will be collected in your street and which day of the week.

Put out your garbage bag, organic waste (GFT) bucket, wheelie bin or old paper before 7.45 hrs. on the collection day. You may also put out your household waste as of 22.00 hrs. the evening before the collection day.

Does your neighbourhood have aboveground or underground containers for household waste or plastic packaging, tin and drink cartons (pmd)? The collection days on the household waste calendar do not apply to these bins and containers. You can dispose of your rubbish in these containers any day of the week.

Go to the online household waste calendar. Fill in your postal code (postcode) and house number (huisnummer). You will see right away when the household rubbish will be collected in your street.

View the household waste calendar

Paper calendar

You can also download and print out the household waste calendar (huisvuilkalender) for your street. If you do not have a printer, you can have the calendar printed out for you at a city district office or public library. No appointment is needed.

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    Published: 8 December 2016Modified: 13 January 2022