Arrange collection of bulky waste and garden waste

Bulky household waste and large garden waste such as tree trimmings and branches are not allowed to be put in the regular household waste. You need to bring it to a waste depot. Are you unable to? Make an appointment to have it collected for free.

Your organic waste will be turned into compost to enrich the soil in parks and gardens. By separating your organic waste from other waste, you are working towards a better environment.

The municipality collects bulky waste and large garden waste for free. Bulky waste is household waste which does not fit in a container, mini container (kliko) or garbage bag. Or rubbish which is too heavy. There are 5 types:

  1. metal items (metalen) such as a drying rack or bicycle.
  2. large garden waste (groot tuinafval) which does not fit in the organic waste (GFT) container. For example, tree trimmings and branches. This will only be collected separately during the Takkenroute. During the rest of the year you can register garden waste as ‘other bulky waste’ in the appointment form (see point 5 below).
  3. white goods (witgoed): applicances such as refrigerators, washing machines, freezers, dishwashers and clothes dryers, and brown goods (bruingoed): light electronic appliances such as computers, audio equipment and televisions.
  4. mattresses which are still in 1 piece will be collected separately so that they can be recycled. This is possible only if the outer layer is not damaged. For mattresses which are still in 1 piece, click on the ‘matras’ option in the appointment form. You can register a damaged mattress as ‘other bulk waste’ (see point 5 below)
  5. other bulk waste (overig grofvuil) such as couches, chairs, cupboards, wooden planks, broken mattresses, plastic toys and garden chairs. And other rubbish which does not belong in any of the categories above.


  • Do not place large glass objects outside: this can be dangerous. Bring the glass to a waste depot.
  • Other rules apply to construction and demolition waste such as rubble, old sanitary equipment and plasterboard. You can dispose of this waste yourself at a waste depot. You can also pay a fee to have it collected. You need to make a Begin link: separate appointment, end link. for this.
  • Waste which you need to take to a waste depot yourself. Examples include domestic chemical waste (KCA) such as energy-saving light bulbs, batteries, leftover paint and liquid drain cleaner, rechargeable batteries, garden timber edging, gas canisters, fire extinguishers, turf/sod or stones. You may not dispose of this kind of waste as bulky waste. If you do, you can get a fine of at least € 141.
  • Turn in electric appliances at a recycling collection point, if you can. Read more about turning in Begin link: electric appliances, end link. .

  • Read the rules for bulky waste and garden waste before you make an appointment.
  • Make a separate appointment for each type of waste. The municipality will collect each type of bulky waste separately. This way it can be recycled.

Reschedule or cancel the appointment

Would you like to reschedule or cancel your appointment? You can do this up until 23.59 hrs. the evening before the day of the appointment.

There are 2 ways to reschedule or cancel your appointment:

  1. Use the link in the email you received after making your appointment.
  2. Call tel. Begin link: 14070, end link.

It is not possible to cancel on the day of the appointment itself. The trucks are then already out on the road.

Would you like to have bulky waste or garden waste collected for free? This service is only for private individuals (not companies). You first need to make an appointment with the municipality. Bear in mind the following rules.

Where and when do you put waste outside?

  • Put your bulky waste or garden waste outside by 7.45 hrs. You are allowed to put it out on the evening before the collection day as of 22.00 hrs.
  • Place the bulky waste or garden waste on the pavement in front of your home. Is this not possible? When you make your appointment, indicate where you want to place the waste. This spot must be easily accessible for the garbage truck.
  • Do not place your bulky waste or garden waste by any (underground) rubbish containers. The containers will then not be able to be emptied.
  • You are responsible for the bulky waste or garden waste you put outside until it has been picked up.
  • Did you put the bulky waste or garden waste out improperly? Then you could get a fine.

How do you put out the waste?

Make sure that your waste can be taken away safely:

  • Tie loose boards, carpeting and branches together in bundles of no more than 1.5 metres long.
  • Always place metal, white and brown goods, branches, tree trimmings and mattresses separately. This waste will be collected separately.
  • Make sure that there are no nails or other sharp objects sticking out. Remove nails or hammer them down flat.
  • Tape over television screens, monitors and glass in doors to prevent glass splinters.
  • Are you getting rid of a bicycle or baby buggy as bulky waste? Hang a sign on it with the text ‘ophalen grofvuil’.
  • Tree trunks can have a maximum diameter of 20 centimetres.

Did you make an appointment and was your bulky waste or garden waste not yet collected by 17.00 hrs.? You can report this using the Begin link: Report rubbish on the street, end link. form. Between 8.30 and 17.00 hrs. you can also call the municipality on tel. 14070. You do not need to bring your bulky waste back inside.

Do you see bulky waste or large garden waste lying on the street? Report this to the municipality using the Begin link: Report rubbish on the street, end link. form. The municipality will address the problem within 3 working days.

Reusable goods can be taken to a recycled goods shop (kringloopwinkel) or repair café. For example, functioning televisions, clothing or furniture. Look at Begin external link: link), end external link.. Or have the items repaired, for example at a Begin external link: repair café(External link), end external link..


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