Disposal of construction and demolition waste

Do you have construction or demolition waste? It costs money to dispose of this sort of waste. Read where you can bring this waste, how you can make an appointment to have it collected and what the fees are.

During a home renovation project, you often end up with construction and demolition waste. Examples include:

  • rubble
  • roofing material such as roof tiles
  • plaster
  • old sanitary equipment
  • scrap wood
  • iron and other metals
  • asbestos
  • soil, sand, earth
  • (wired) glass and glass plates
  • window/door frames
  • tar
  • garden tiles

Bring construction and demolition waste to a Begin link: waste depot, end link. . By properly disposing of this waste, you make reuse and recycling of materials possible. You will need to pay in advance before you can dispose of most construction and demolition waste. You can do this at the reception desk. Please note: you can only pay using a bank card.

Fees for disposing of waste yourself

Waste Disposal at a waste depot
Construction and demolition waste € 1.65 per 25 litres

Dispose of asbestos for free

You can dispose of asbestos for free at the Plutostraat waste depot. You are required to wrap it in double packaging beforehand. You can purchase packaging material to dispose of asbestos at all of the waste depots.

  • Asbestos foil (4 metres wide) costs € 1 per metre.
  • Asbestos bags (inside and outside bag) cost € 1.15 per set.
  • Asbestos can also be present in older plant pots. You can dispose of these in Plutostraat.

Would you like to remove asbestos yourself? You will often need a permit. More information can be found under Begin link: Asbest verwijderen melden, end link. (in Dutch).

More information about removing asbestos can be found on the Begin external link: website of the Government of the Netherlands(External link), end external link..

Conditions for disposing of waste yourself

The following rules apply for disposing of construction and demolition waste:

  • Always take your Begin link: Afvalpas , end link. with you when you visit a waste depot.
  • Companies may not use the waste depots. Do you have a company? Contract an authorised waste management company to collect your company waste.

Would you like to have your construction and demolition waste collected from your home after a renovation project? This is possible only if this waste is in a rubble sack from a home improvement store or in a puinkub. A puinkub is a large sack (1 cubic metre) which you fill with rubble at home. The puinkub rubble sack can be purchased only at the Plutostraat station. It can be purchased from Monday to Friday.

To make an appointment to have the rubble sack or puinkub collected, go to the waste depot. You will pay the fees there in advance. It is not possible to make an appointment online for collection. Take your Afvalpas with you.

These are the steps to have your waste collected:

  1. Pay the fees at the reception desk of the Plutostraat waste depot. You can only pay using your bank card.
  2. You also make an appointment for collection at the reception desk.
  3. Your construction and demolition waste will be collected at your home during the appointment.

Conditions for having waste collected

Conditions for the collection of construction and demolition waste:

  • You are a private individual (not a company) and you have an Afvalpas.
  • You are not able to bring the rubbish to a waste depot yourself.
  • Place your waste on the pavement (sidewalk) in front of your home and as close as possible to the street. Thus not next to the (underground) rubbish containers. Place the waste on the pavement by 7.45 hrs. at the latest on the day of the appointment.
  • Place the puinkub in a spot where the garbage truck can easily get to it.

Collection fees

Type of waste Collection fee
puinkub € 125 (including the purchase price for the sack)
rubble sack for the first 3 rubble sacks you purchased yourself at a home improvement store: € 20; for each extra sack: € 3.50


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