Afvalpas for waste depots

You need to have an Afvalpas to bring bulky waste, garden waste and construction and demolition waste to a waste depot. You will not be able to enter without an Afvalpas.

  • Do you pay the waste tax in The Hague? Then you are entitled to an Afvalpas.
  • Every household receives 1 Afvalpas. If you reside with more people at 1 address, you will share the card with them.
  • Do you live in a nursing home or old age home? You will not receive an Afvalpas. Do you have bulky household waste or other waste? Discuss this with the manager of your home.
The Afvalpas is not intended for companies.

The Afvalpas provides you access to The Hague’s waste depots. This is where you can dispose of your bulky waste, large garden waste and construction and demolition waste.

  • You need your Afvalpas to open the barrier at the entrance to the waste depot. You will not be able to enter without an Afvalpas.
  • The Afvalpas has a credit of 20 visits to the waste depots. Each year your card will automatically be credited again for 20 visits.
  • Have you used up your 20 visits? And would you still like to go to a waste depot? You can top up your credit for free. To do this Begin link: contact the municipality, end link. . Make sure you have your address information and Afvalpas close at hand.
  • Do you still have credit left over from the previous year? This credit will not be carried over to the new year.
  • Most types of waste can be taken to the waste depots for free. There is a fee for disposing of construction and demolition waste.

Afvalpas and moving house

Are you going to move? Leave the Afvalpas for the new occupants. The card is assigned to the home address.

Are you moving to The Hague or are you moving within The Hague? The former occupants should have left the Afvalpas behind. If there is no Afvalpas in your new home, you can request a new one.

If you did not get an Afvalpas or if you have lost it or it no longer working, you can apply for an Afvalpas for free. You will receive your new card within 10 working days. Your old pass will be blocked.


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