How to put out your household waste

You need to place your household waste in a garbage bag, rubbish bin or underground or aboveground rubbish container. Certain rules apply to disposing of your household rubbish.

How you dispose of your household waste depends upon the neighbourhood you live in. You can dispose of waste in a:

  • garbage bag
  • rubbish bin (mini container)
  • underground or aboveground container

Not household waste

The following items may not be disposed of as regular household waste:

Home collection of household waste

Do you live in a neighbourhood where you put out your household waste each week in a separate garbage bag or wheelie bin? Then the following rules apply:

  • Make sure to put out your garbage bag or rubbish bin (mini container) at the latest by 7.45 hrs. on the collection day. You may put out your household waste as of 22.00 hrs. the evening before the collection day. However, it is preferable that you put it out on the day itself. This way you help to combat filth and nuisance from animals. You can find the correct collection day in the household waste calendar.
  • Always use the mini container you got from the municipality or sturdy garbage bags with a KOMO hallmark. These are stronger than other garbage bags and do not tear as easily. This way you prevent street litter.
  • Make sure the garbage bags are tightly sealed so that birds and other animals cannot get into them. And do not make the bag heavier than 8 kilograms.
  • Place the household waste as close as possible to the street or at the areas designated for household waste.

Do you live in a neighbourhood where household waste is collected in rubbish bins? Then you are not allowed to put out separate garbage bags.

Household rubbish not collected?

Did you put your rubbish out on time and in the correct way but was it still not collected by 17.00 hrs.? You can report this to the municipality online. You can call and report it by telephone the following weekday.

The HMS (Haagse Milieu Services) will then collect your household rubbish the following weekday. You are obliged to bring the rubbish indoors in the evening. You may put it outside again the following morning before 7.45 hrs. You could get a fine if you do not bring your rubbish inside in the evening.

Bring your household rubbish to a container

Do you live in a neighbourhood where you need to dispose of your household waste yourself? For example, in underground or aboveground containers or a collection spot in your building? The following is important:

  • Always place your garbage bags in the containers and never next to them. Not even when the container is full.
  • Do not use large garbage bags but rather choose in favour of smaller ones instead. These fit in the container better and prevent the container from becoming obstructed.
  • Please show consideration for area residents and use the container only between 7.00 and 22.00 hrs.

Separating rubbish

Properly separated rubbish can be used to make new products. By separating your rubbish, you are helping to reduce the use of raw materials and save energy. Separate the following kinds of rubbish from your regular household rubbish:

Thrift shop and Repair Café

Some items are still perfectly good and it would be a shame to throw them away. Bring these items to a recycled goods shop (kringloopwinkel). For example, functioning televisions, clothing or furniture. Look for a thrift shop in your neighbourhood on Or get the items repaired, for example at a Repair Café (

Frying oil

You can also dispose of your grease and oil at a garbage and recycling stations or city farm. You may also dispose of it in a sealed container in your garbage bag or rubbish bin. For example in a plastic bottle or the original frying oil packaging.

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    Published: 23 January 2017Modified: 10 April 2019