Help keep your neighbourhood clean

Many employees from the municipality are working on a daily basis to make the city clean. Help them out and make sure there is less street litter in your neighbourhood.

Most people dispose of their rubbish properly. Nevertheless there is way too much litter on the street. Perhaps this is also the case in your neighbourhood. Would you like to do something about it?

Request a trash picker

Would you like to clean up your neighbourhood and keep it clean? Request a trash picker from the municipality. You can request a maximum of 2 trash pickers per household.

Photo: Henriëtte Guest
Photo: Henriëtte Guest

Join forces to combat litter

Litter is bad for people, animals and the environment. Most people make an effort to keep their neighbourhood clean. This is what you can do yourself for a clean neighbourhood:

  • Do not place any garbage bags or loose rubbish next to a rubbish container. This attracts rodents and pests. And the employees of the Haagse Milieu Services (HMS) are not able to empty the containers if there is rubbish in the way.
  • Is waste still collected in garbage bags in your street? Use the free yellow garbage bags between 1 March and 30 October. It is much more difficult for seagulls to peck open these extra strong bags compared to regular grey garbage bags. Look where you can get these bags on the page Begin link: What you can do against pesky seagulls, end link. .
  • Do you have rubbish which does not fit in the container? Dispose of it at a waste depot. The depots are open Monday to Saturday. You can also make an appointment to have bulky waste collected.
  • Are you out and about? Dispose of your waste in a litter bin. Even small waste such as cigarette butts and chewing gum. Or take it with you and throw it away at home.
  • You are allowed to hand out flyers, folders and samples on the street. However, you are responsible for cleaning up any flyers, folders and samples people throw on the ground. You could get a fine if you do not clean them up.
  • Do not feed the birds. Food left lying on the ground attracts rats.
  • Are there people in your neighbourhood who are unaware of these basic rules? Request information leaflets from the city district. Or point out this web page to them.
Photo: Henriëtte Guest
Photo: Henriëtte Guest

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