Adopt an underground container

Many neighbourhoods in The Hague have underground containers in which you can dispose of your household waste. As a resident you can adopt a container and help to keep the area around it tidy.

When you adopt an underground rubbish container, you get for free:

A key to open the container from the side and take care of any obstructions.

A rubbish picker, work gloves and a broom to sweep up any street litter which may be lying next to the container.

A telephone number which you can use to immediately report a broken container or oversized waste which was incorrectly disposed of. The municipality will handle these complaints as quickly as possible. Is there oversized waste or construction debris lying by the containers? Report this to the municipality by phoning tel. 14 070 or by using the online form.

Sign up

Would you like to adopt a container in your neighbourhood? Sign up by phoning tel. 14 070 or fill in the form below.

Sign up to adopt an underground container

How long does it take?

The municipality will contact you within 3 working days.

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