Nuisance Penalty

Municipal enforcers check whether the public space is clean and safe. Have you violated the rules, for example by disposing of household rubbish improperly or not cleaning up dog poop. Then you can get a fine.

Has the enforcer seen that you committed an offence? And will you get a fine? Then the enforcer is allowed to ask you for your proof of identity. You have to show it.

For improperly disposed of household rubbish the following rule applies: has the enforcer caught you in the act? Then you will get a Nuisance Penalty (Boete Overlast). Has the enforcer searched through the rubbish and does it appear that the rubbish is yours? Then you will pay the costs for cleaning it up. Read more about the Begin link: Penalty for improper waste disposal, end link. .

If you have gotten a fine, the bill will be sent to you within 8 weeks. This bill is called the decision. The penalty number and a payment reference number appear at the top right-hand corner of the bill. It will also state the payment deadline. Do you disagree with the fine? The you can read in the letter how you can object to the decision.

  • Would you like to pay the Nuisance Penalty via internet? Transfer the amount for the penalty to IBAN number NL12 BNGH 0285 1336 75, to directeur gemeentebelastingen, Den Haag. Use the payment reference number on the bill. Are you paying from abroad? Then you also need to use the BIC (swift code): BNGHNL2G.
  • Are you unable to pay everything at 1 time? Reqest a payment scheme. Use the application form on the page Begin link: Apply for a tax payment scheme, end link. . Instead of the assessment number (aanslagnummer), use the payment reference number on the bill in the form. The payment reference number is at the top right-hand corner of the bill.
  • It is not possible to get a tax waiver and direct debit for the Nuisance Penalty.

Warning if you pay too late

If you do not pay on time, you will get a warning. You have to pay the costs of the warning yourself. Read more on Begin link: Warning of non-paid taxes, end link. .

Prevent extra costs and pay on time. Are you unable to pay? Begin link: Contact the municipality, end link. immediately. The municipality can then help you look for a solution.

Do you disagree with the Nuisance Penalty? Then you can Begin link: contest it, end link. . You need to do this within 6 weeks after the date on the letter.

It takes between 9 and 13 weeks before you get a decision on your objection. While your objection is being processed, you will not get a suspension of payment. You still must pay the amount. If the municipality rules in your favour, you will get back the money you paid.

Are you irritated by something outside or in a public area? You can also report a Begin link: problem in the public space, end link. .


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