Municipal enforcers in The Hague

The municipal enforcers alert residents and businesses when rules and regulations have been violated. They make sure that the city’s neighbourhoods remain liveable.

The municipality works together with emergency services and residents and businesses to keep the city safe, clean and liveable. Despite these efforts there are people who do not always abide by the rules. Municipal enforcers then come into action. You can help us and your neighbours by informing the municipality of problems and by setting a good example yourself.

Top 4 complaints

  1. rubbish on the street
  2. dog poop
  3. wrongly parked vehicles
  4. abandoned bicycles

Report problems

Would you like to report an issue in the public space? Go to Begin link: Report a problem, end link. .

Powers of municipal enforcers

Nearly all municipal enforcers are a Special Enforcement Officer (‘Buitengewoon opsporingsambtenar/BOA’). They are allowed to:

  • give someone a fine
  • stop people
  • check people’s identification
  • detain people if they are suspected of a criminal offence
Boa uniform

You can recognise a BOA by the uniform with the BOA logo and the text ‘handhaving’. Enforcers without BOA powers, such as parking wardens, have the text ‘toezicht’ on their uniform.

Municipal enforcement teams

Different types of enforcement teams are actively working in the city.

  • 9 broad enforcement teams: 1 team active per city district. In the Centrum district there are 2 enforcement teams active. These enforcement teams work out of the police stations and also receive instructions from the police.
  • Surveillance team: this team works together closely with the Bicycle Depot. Wrongly parked bicycles and abandoned bicycles will be removed by this team and brought to the depot.
  • Biketeam: this team can be deployed throughout the entire city for different enforcement problems which require a flexible approach. The Biketime works together closely with the municipality’s Social Media Team. The Biketeam quickly addresses reports/complaints received through the municipality’s social media channels. Biketeam staff do their work on bicycles.
  • Drank- en Horecateam: When the rules of the Licensing and Catering law, municipal ordinances or rules for permits have been violated, the municipality can enforce them.
  • Forest rangers: They enforce the rules which apply in the city’s parks and nature.
  • Parking wardens: They enforce the municipal parking rules. This includes paid parking on public roads and illegal parking.
  • COBIs: The Inland Waterways Inspectors (Controleurs Binnenwateren/COBIs) are involved in matters having to do with caravans and inland waterways (pleasure boats).
Municipal enforcers from the Biketeam
Municipal enforcers from the Biketeam


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