Waste and recycling

  • Collection of oversized waste and garden waste

    Are you unable to dispose of your oversized waste or large garden waste yourself? Make an appointment with the municipality to have it collected.

  • Garbage and recycling stations

    You can take oversized waste or garden waste to a garbage and recycling station using your Afvalpas. You can dispose of most kinds of waste for free. Look at what qualifies as oversized waste.

  • Order an Afvalpas

    Would you like to dispose of oversized waste or garden waste at a garbage and recycling station? Order a free Afvalpas.

  • Household rubbish

    Disposing of household waste, household waste calendar, underground rubbish containers.

  • Household waste calendar

    The household waste calendar lists the collection days for your rubbish: household waste, paper, organic waste (GFT), or plastic packaging, tin and drink cartons.

  • Separating waste and recycling

    Separating organic waste, glass, paper, plastic, textiles, domestic chemical waste, electric appliances, frying oil and bread.

  • Overview of complaints about public areas

    Report problems in the public space to ensure that the city stays clean, organised and tidy. This can be done online.

  • Prevent street litter

    It is nice is to live, shop and work in a clean neighbourhood. Help prevent street litter.

  • Seagull nuisance

    Seagulls can create a nuisance, particularly during brooding season from April to August. Read what you can do against pesky seagulls.

  • Prevent a rat infestation

    A rat infestation is caused primarily by people tossing rubbish or food on streets or in gardens. Help prevent this problem.

  • Waste removal for companies

    Businesses need to arrange for the collection of their waste. The municipality does not collect any company waste, but it does check whether this is being done by the rules and it will give fines if necessary.