Waste and recycling

  • Collection of oversized waste and garden waste

    Are you unable to dispose of your oversized waste or large garden yourself? Make an appointment with the municipality to have it collected.

  • Garbage and recycling stations

    You can take oversized waste or garden waste to a garbage and recycling station using your Afvalpas. You can dispose of most kinds of waste for free. Look at what qualifies as oversized waste.

  • Order an Afvalpas

    Would you like to dispose of oversized waste or garden waste at a garbage and recycling station? Order a free Afvalpas.

  • Household rubbish

    Disposing of household waste, household waste calendar, underground rubbish containers.

  • Household waste calendar

    The household waste calendar lists the collection days for your rubbish: household waste, paper, organic waste (GFT), or plastic packaging, tin and drink cartons.

  • Separating waste and recycling

    Separating organic waste, glass, paper, plastic, textiles, domestic chemical waste, electric appliances, frying oil and bread.

  • Report an abandoned bicycle

    You can report an abandoned bicycle to the municipality. It will ensure that the bicycle is cleared away.

  • Waste removal for companies

    Companies are obliged to sign a contract with an official waste collection service. Different rules apply to company waste than to household waste.