Care and support

  • What is the Social Support Act (Wmo)

    The Social Support Act (Wmo) provides you with help and support if you are unable to manage for yourself. For example, with transportation or in your household. The municipality offers you assistance through the Wmo.

  • Reserve or cancel AV 070

    Do you have an AV 070 pass? Reserve a ride with the AV 070. You can reserve it online or by telephone.

  • Ooievaars measures for low-income households

    The Municipality of The Hague has taken measures to ensure that every city resident can continue to participate in society regardless of their income.

  • Apply for the Ooievaarspas (reduction card)

    Do you have a low income? Apply for the Ooievaarspas. The Ooievaarspas gives you and your family a discount on all kinds of fun activities like sports, excursions, memberships and courses.

  • Legal advisors: help and advice for legal problems

    Do you have legal issues or problems? You can get legal assistance during a consultation with the municipality's legal advisors (sociaal raadslieden). Make an appointment for this.

  • Benefits

    If you are a resident of the Netherlands and The Hague, you may be entitled to benefits. There are several types available for housing, healthcare and childcare. You can apply by using your DigiD.

  • Language requirement for benefits

    Are you receiving welfare benefits? The government requires that you be able to understand, read, speak and write Dutch reasonably well.