Care and support

  • Advice and Information desk

    Do you need help applying for a social welfare benefit? Or do you have questions about measures for people with a low income? Visit an Advice and Information desk.

  • What is the Social Support Act (Wmo)

    Do you need assistance with your daily activities due to illness, a disability or age? Such as housecleaning or transportation? Or do you need other assistance, such as a wheelchair or a stair lift? The municipality can help you through the Wmo.

  • Homeless Help Desk: help for the homeless

    The municipality helps homeless people in The Hague. The Homeless Help Desk (Dak- en Thuislozenloket) will listen to your story. And you will get help and information there.

  • The right help for everybody in The Hague

    Do you need help but you do not know where to go or how to arrange it? A customer support agent will help you find the right kind of assistance.

  • Reserve or cancel AV 070

    Do you have an AV 070 pass? Reserve a ride with the AV 070. You can do this online or by telephone.

  • Overview of Ooievaars measures for low-income households

    People with a low income often have the right to special measures. We called these 'Ooievaars' measures (Ooievaarsregelingen). See what you are eligible for.

  • Apply for the Ooievaarspas (reduction card)

    The Ooievaarspas is a free pass for people with a low income. You can use the Ooievaarspas to do fun things in The Hague and surroundings. For example, you can do sports, go to a concert or take a class. Most of the activities are free. Or there is a discount. The pass is for the entire family.

  • Legal advisors: help with laws and rules

    Do you have questions about taxes, benefits or allowances)? Or problems with your employer or landlord? Make an appointment with the municipality’s legal advisors.

  • Benefits

    If you are a resident of the Netherlands and The Hague, you may be entitled to benefits. There are several types available for housing, healthcare and childcare. You can apply by using your DigiD.

  • Language requirement for benefits

    Are you receiving welfare benefits? The government requires that you be able to understand, read, speak and write Dutch reasonably well.

  • Low-cost health insurance from municipality

    The municipality has arranged for a low-cost health insurance for people in The Hague with a low income. This is the Hague health insurance. You will then have a comprehensive insurance policy with VGZ.

  • Servicepunt XL: for information, advice and help

    Do you have questions about work, care or your personal situation? The Servicepunt XL is the place to go for help if you have a question or problem. There are 17 Servicepunten XL in The Hague. Make an appointment for free assistance.

  • GGD Haaglanden

    Questions about healthy living, sex, diseases and travel vaccinations? Or would you like to file a report as a health professional? GGD Haaglanden gives you expert advice or treatment or refers you to the relevant authority.