Modifications to your home

You would like to continue living at home, however this is difficult due to illness or a disability. You may be able to live independently for a longer time if you make modifications to your home. Sometimes the municipality will assist you in doing this.

There are certain kinds of modifications which the municipality is not able to arrange for you. You will need to request them from the owner of your home. Do you own your own home? If so, you need to arrange and pay for the modification yourself.

For example:

  • removing door thresholds in your home
  • mounting a grab bar
  • raising or lowering a toilet
  • mounting a single-handle mixer tap

Permission from the homeowner

The owner of your home does not need to give you permission to make a modification. This is stipulated by law. The owner is allowed to react to the plans for a modification. The plans should take the owner’s reaction into consideration.

Modifications which the municipality arranges

You can make a request at the municipality for certain other kinds of modifications. The municipality will look together with you for a solution.

For example:

  • making the home wheelchair-accessible
  • making modifications to the bathroom or kitchen
  • installing a stair lift
  • installing an electric door opener


Is it not possible to make modifications to your home? You could perhaps move to a home which is more suitable for you to live in independently. The municipality can help pay the costs for moving your home contents. A Wmo employee can look into this.

Declaration of urgency for social housing

Perhaps there is a different rental home which is more suitable for your situation. You could request a declaration of urgency for social housing (urgentie huurwoning). This statement indicates that you have a pressing need for housing because of your medical issues. The declaration of urgency gives you priority over other home seekers when you apply for social housing in the municipality. Look at Begin external link: link), end external link. to see whether you meet the conditions. You then can apply for the urgency at a housing association.

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Would you like to make a modification to your home? Go to the page Begin link: What is the Social Support Act (Wmo), end link. .


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