Doing volunteer work in The Hague

No fewer than 185,000 volunteers are active in The Hague. Thanks to volunteers The Hague has become a city where people look after one another, their communities and their surroundings.

Become a volunteer

Would you like to get started as a volunteer? Volunteer jobs come in all shapes and sizes. You could do something once or on a regular basis, on your own or as part of a team. There are more than 3,000 volunteer organisations in The Hague. There is always a volunteer opportunity to be found to suit your interests and experience. You will find an overview of English-language vacancies and volunteer projects at Begin external link: link), end external link..

Volunteers for your organisation

Are you looking for volunteers for your organisation? You can post English-language volunteer needs, community events and workshops on the free platform Begin external link: link), end external link..

Compensation for costs of VOG for volunteers

Do you need a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG) for your volunteers? Organisations can often claim the costs made by their volunteers. Read more about the Begin link: compensation for costs of VOG for volunteers, end link. .

Support and advice

Organisations can consult with The Hague’s volunteer organisation Begin external link: PEP Den Haag(External link), end external link. on any questions they may have about working with volunteers. For example, they can get help with finding the right volunteers and estimating the value of volunteers as well as information on training courses and insurance policies.


The Begin external link: Goed voor elkaar programme (RIS307795)(External link), end external link. (in Dutch) outlines the municipality’s plans to further strengthen volunteer work in the city. The most important goals for the coming years are:

  • Ensure greater appreciation for volunteers
  • Actively recruit new volunteers
  • Bring supply and demand more in line with each other
  • Provide more support to volunteer organisations


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