Servicepunt XL: for information, advice and help

Do you have questions about work, care or your personal situation? The Servicepunt XL is the place to go for help if you have a question or problem. There are 17 Servicepunten XL in The Hague. Make an appointment for free assistance.

You can get answers to all kinds of questions at a Servicepunt XL. A staff member of the Servicepunt XL will assist you. For example, you can get help from a social worker or a senior care consultant (geriatric care advisor). They provide advice and they help you come up with solutions for problems in your daily life. You can also visit a Servicepunt XL if you are looking for volunteer work. And for information about fun activities in your neighbourhood.

A Servicepunt XL provides the following kinds of assistance:

  • finding activities and services in your neighbourhood
  • finding volunteer work
  • administration and money matters
  • using the computer
  •  filling in (online) forms, excluding pgb forms (personal budget)
  • information and advice for caregivers
  •  applying for subsidies and benefits
  • applying for Wmo support
Are you looking for help with money matters? For example because you want to apply for a benefit, you are experiencing financial difficulties or you could be facing eviction from your home? Also look at the page Begin link: Advice and Information desk, end link. .

The Servicepunt XL is for all residents of The Hague with a question or problem. This includes young people, adults and seniors.

Servicepunten on the map

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Servicepunten XL in each city district

Wijkcentrum De Burcht

Stortenbekerstraat 201

Telephone: (070) 205 22 50

Wijkcentrum Julianakerk

Schalk Burgerstraat 219

Telephone: (070) 205 22 90

Wijkcentrum Parada

Van Limburg Stirumstraat 280

Telephone: (070) 205 22 10

Wijkcentrum Escampade

Escamplaan 61f

Telephone: (070) 205 23 60

Wijkcentrum Bouwlust

Eekhoornrade 215

Telephone: (070) 205 25 86

Wijkcentrum Moerwijk

Aagje Dekenlaan 51

Telephone: (070) 205 23 70

Wateringse Veld

Panamaplein 34

Telephone: (070) 205 25 86

Wijkcentrum Mariahoeve

Ivoorhorst 155

Telephone: (070) 205 24 50

Wijkcentrum Het Kalhuis

Badhuisstraat 177

Telephone: (070) 416 20 20

Wijkcentrum Het Trefpunt

Tesselsestraat 71

Telephone: (070) 416 20 20

Wijkcentrum De Regenvalk

Regentesseplein 148

Telephone: (070) 205 26 60

Wijkcentrum ’t Lindenkwadrant

2e Braamstraat 6

Telephone: (070) 205 24 80

Wijkcentrum De Wissel

Van Meursstraat 1b

Telephone: (070) 205 23 90

Wijkcentrum Cromvlietplein

Cromvlietplein 120

Telephone: (070) 205 23 80

Wijkcentrum Piet Vink

Laan van Hoornwijck 260

Telephone: (070) 205 25 40

Wijkcentrum Leidschenveen

Harriët Freezerhof 201

Telephone: (070) 205 24 00

Wijkcentrum De Henneberg

Tramstraat 15

Telephone: (070) 205 25 90

Look at all the opening hours on the Begin external link: website of Servicepunt XL(External link), end external link..

Visit a Servicepunt XL in your neighbourhood. Look at the addresses above in the overview. Do you have a complicated question? Then you usually need an appointment. You can always take somebody with you to the appointment.  

Are you unable to visit a Servicepunt XL? Then you can phone to make an appointment for a home visit. The telephone numbers for the Servicepunten XL can be found in the list above.


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