Disability aids through the Wmo

Are you unable to manage at home or outside due to illness or a disability? If so, you might need a disability aid. For example, a wheelchair or a patient hoist.

The right disability aid supports you in your daily activities. You can then continue to live in your own home for longer or get somewhere more easily. Certain disability aids you need to buy or arrange yourself. Other disability aids are arranged by the municipality through the Begin link: Social Support Act (Wmo), end link. .

Disability aids you can purchase yourself

Examples of simple disability aids which you purchase yourself or borrow from a thuiszorgwinkel (home care shop):

  • a simple shower stool or commode chair
  • a walker
  • a simple wheelchair which you only need occasionally
  • small door threshold ramps and grab bars in the house

Disability aids you can arrange yourself

Will you need the disability aid for less than 6 months? Then you can borrow it from a thuiszorgwinkel. Contact your health insurance company to arrange this. Do you need intensive care or district nursing the entire day? Then you can contact the Begin external link: Centrum Indicatiestelling Zorg(External link), end external link. (CIZ).

Disability aids through the municipality

Examples of disability aids which the municipality can arrange through the Wmo:

  • an (electric) wheelchair
  • a tricycle
  • a mobility scooter
  • a patient hoist
  • a mobile shower stool or commode chair
  • sports equipment
Do you need a stair lift or, for example, an electric door opener? If so, this will require a modification to your home. Visit the page Begin link: Modifications which the municipality arranges, end link. .

Choosing a supplier

Decide in advance which supplier you would prefer. The municipality has a contract with Begin external link: Medipoint(External link), end external link. and Begin external link: Welzorg(External link), end external link..

Borrowing disability aids

Usually the municipality hires the device for you from the supplier. The supplier remains the owner of the disability aid. You will therefore get a user agreement from the supplier. You must sign this when you receive the disability aid. You may use the device for as long as you need it.

Service after delivery of the disability aid

Did you receive the disability aid? Then you can contact the supplier for the following matters:

  • maintenance and repair
  • adjustments
  • lessons for driving a mobility scooter

Mobility scooter: cover and lock

Would you like a protective cover or cable lock for your mobility scooter? Request these from the municipality or your supplier:

  • Have you had a mobility scooter since 1 February 2018? Then contact the supplier.
  • Did you already have a mobility scooter before 1 February 2018? Then contact the municipality.

Cancelling the disability aid

Would you like to have a disability aid removed or collected? Fill out the form below. To have a mobility scooter storage removed, you can also send an email to Begin link: wmoinspecties@denhaag.nl, end link. . Include the address of the storage facility and your contact details in the email.

You do not (yet) have DigiD? Then you can request a paper form. Call Begin link: SZW customer service, end link. .


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