Municipal taxes: contesting your assessment

Do you disagree with your municipal tax assessment or with the appraised property value (WOZ-waarde)? You can contest the assessment.

File an objection


You must file your objection within 6 weeks after the date on the municipal tax bill or assessment notice.


You can file your objection online using your DigiD (in Dutch). Choose the tax you want to contest:

In writing

If you do not have a DigiD, you can contest your taxes in writing.
Sign the form (bezwaarschrift) and send it within 6 weeks after the date on the municipal tax bill or assessment notice to the Municipal Tax Department or submit it at the counter.

The letter should contain:

      • your name and address
      • the date
      • the payment reference number on the assessment
      • the tax year
      • the tax you are contesting
      • the reason for your objection
      • your signature

    If you are filing an objection on behalf of somebody else, do not forget to enclose an authorisation.

    How long does it take?

    You will receive a confirmation of receipt from the Municipal Tax Department within 2 weeks. The municipality will deal with your objection as quickly as possible but in any case in the year in which it was submitted.

    Suspension of payment

    • If you file an objection, the Municipal Tax Department will grant you a suspension of payment only for (the part of) the assessment you are contesting. You still have to pay the part of the assessment you are not contesting. Otherwise you can get a warning.
    • Are you unable to pay the municipal taxes within the stipulated time indicated on the assessment notice? A payment scheme with the Municipal Tax Department might be the answer. You can arrange to pay off your tax debt in instalments. Or you can agree that you will pay the tax bill at a later date. For example, in a few weeks or a month.


    If you no longer owed taxes during the course of the year, you can apply for an exemption (refund). A refund is possible only for the waste tax, dog tax and sufferance tax.

    In some cases you can also request a refund for the all-in-one building permit fees.

      Tax waiver

      If you have a low income and you do not own property or assets, you may be eligible for a tax waiver for municipal taxes. A tax waiver is possible for the waste tax, property tax, sewage charge for owners and the dog tax for the first dog.

      You can only apply for a tax waiver for all bills which have not yet been paid and amounts you paid less than 3 months ago.

      Other objection procedures

      Would you like to contest a decision made by the municipality on Social Affairs, a parking fine or other issues like subsidies or permits? There are other objection procedures (in Dutch) for this.


      Contact the Municipal Tax Department