Apply for an all-in-one building permit

Are you planning to build, rebuild or renovate? Cut down a tree? Or make changes to a building or a site which will give it a different function? First check whether you need an all-in-one building permit. Or apply right away for an all-in-one building permit.

How does it work?

Are you going to carry out 1 of the following activities? Keep in mind that you need to apply for an all-in-one building permit beforehand:

  • placing a sign, roof structure, roof dormer, roof terrace, solar collectors and panels
  • dividing an independent living space into 2 or more independent living spaces (activity: construction permit)
  • constructing or renovating a building where you deviate from the rules in the municipal zoning plan (activity: exemption from or amendments to a zoning plan)
  • giving a building a function which is not in the zoning plan, for example turning a home into a business premises (activity: exemption from or amendments to a zoning plan)
  • altering a municipal or national listed monument (activity: renovation or demolition of protected monuments)
  • providing overnight accommodation or daytime accommodation to children or people who are physically or mentally disabled (activity: permit regarding fire safety)
  • placing advertising billboards or signs on or on top of a building facade (activity: advertising on your building)
  • demolishing (part of) a monument or a building in an area with protected status (activity: demolition work in an area with protected status)
  • building or altering cycle paths, paved surfaces or a protected natural area. And in some cases painting facades (activity: construction work in areas of scenic or cultural and historic value)
  • cutting down trees (activity: felling trees)
  • establishing or altering a business or technical installation. You can report this on (activity: establishing a company).
  • building or changing a driveway to a municipal public road (activity: construction of an entry or exit).
Belangrijke informatie:

Would you like to close and/or dig up the public road to carry out the activities? Then you first need consent (see Instemmingsbesluit wegopbrekingen aanvragen (in Dutch)).


Are you going to carry out activities as described above? Then there is a big chance that you need a permit. You can check this in different ways:

  • Would you like to know if you need a permit for your construction/renovation plans? Do a permit check in the Omgevingsloket Online (OLO). In the OLO can you find for example:

    • conditions for the dimensions for a roof dormer or extension
    • conditions for the circumference of a tree or the size of the garden where the tree is standing.

    Do the permit check in the OLO (in Dutch)

    Belangrijke informatie: Archaeology is not yet included in the permit check in the OLO.
  • Are you unsure whether your construction/renovation plans satisfy the conditions? Or do you have other questions? Make a telephone appointment by phoning tel. 14070.

    Do you have a company? Visit the permit desk at the Local Business Counter.

  • Are you in doubt about whether your application is feasible? Or does it appear from the consultation hour that your plans do not satisfy the rules? Then you could consider an initial ruling on the all-in-one building permit application ahead of time.

    The municipality needs all your information to be able to assess the feasibility of your plans according to the rules. Provide this information on time and make it as complete as possible.

Needed for your application

Needed to apply Watch the video 'Wanneer vraagt u een Omgevingsvergunning aan bij verbouwen' ('When do you need to apply for an all-in-one building permit') on the municipality’s YouTube channel.


Often you only need to use 1 application procedure for the all-in-one building permit for different activities.

You will need a DigiD for your application. You do not have a DigiD? Apply for a DigiD. Companies use eHerkenning 2 (EH2).

Apply for the all-in-one building permit in the OLO


Do you need a permit for your construction/renovation plans? Calculate the fees on the page Calculate your fees for building work.

You can find a complete overview of the fees in the Verordening leges omgevingsvergunning Den Haag 2021.

As of 1 November 2021 the municipality will also charge a fee for commercial advertising (advertising on a building). You can find the fees in the Algemene legesverordening Den Haag 2021.

Ask for refund

Has your application been denied or dismissed? Then you will be reimbursed for part of the fees paid. In some cases you can apply for a refund for all-in-one building permit fees.

Discount on building fees

Are you planning to build or renovate to make your property more sustainable? Then you could qualify for a discount on the building fees.

How long does it take?

The municipality follows a number of steps after you have applied for the all-in-one building permit. Read more on the page Procedure after applying for an all-in-one building permit.


  • For most applications the municipality's response time (period) is within 8 weeks. The municipality has the right to extend this period once by 6 weeks at most. If the municipality misses this deadline, the permit will be granted automatically.
  • More complex applications can take up to 26 weeks. For example for:

    • an application to establish or alter a company (environmental permit)
    • renovation or demolition of protected monuments
    • changes to a zoning plan
    • permits regarding fire safety If the municipality misses this deadline, the permit will not be granted automatically.

You will receive a letter stating how long the procedure will take.

Permit for small-scale building works

You can also get a permit for a number of small-scale building works. For example, for placing an addition or extension, roof dormers, skylights, solar collectors and panels. See Permits for small-scale building works.

  • Have you applied for an all-in-one building permit? Check the status of your application in your personal online environment in MijnDenHaag.

        Good to know

        • The municipality will publish an announcement about the application on Berichten over uw buurt. Everybody can look at the application there or view it at The Hague Information Centre. The construction drawings will also be public.

          Some applications are confidential and are therefore not public. For example, when they concern security or the protection of monuments or museums.

          You can find the rules about this in Beleidsregel vertrouwelijke omgevingsvergunningen Den Haag 2019 (in Dutch).

          • The municipality will assess your application and will also look at the interests of your neighbours. If the municipality approves your application, they can file an objection to the granted all-in-one building permit.  
          • It is important to maintain good relations with your neighbours if you are planning to do building work. There are different ways to keep each other informed or to look up information about the building work.
        • Are you applying for an initial ruling on an all-in-one building permit? In most cases you need to submit supporting documents. These documents are not public and cannot be requested.


        Do you have any questions? Come to the free consultation hours with the project inspector at the Permits and Supervision department. Make an appointment by phoning tel. 14070. Do you have a company? Visit the permit desk at the Local Business Counter.