Volunteers needed to make New Year’s safe and festive

Published: 3 December 2018Modified: 14 December 2018

Many residents pitch in to help their city out during New Year's. Volunteers, for example, will organise festive activities for young and old. You can also participate.

Neighbourhood Prevention Teams will keep an extra eye out for any problems in their neighbourhood. Groups of neighbourhood residents will organise clean-up campaigns on 1 January.

Register as a volunteer

Are you not yet a volunteers and would you also like to help out in your neighbourhood during New Year’s? Staff of the city district office can tell you what is being organised and provide advice if you would like to organise new activities. Sign up by sending an email to your city district office:

Already a volunteer on New Year’s?

The police and city districts will contact the volunteers from last year.

Register your activity

Are you organising something in your neighbourhood around New Year’s? Contact your point person within the police or city district. Clearly indicate what you are planning to do.

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