Route of Tour de France Femmes announced

The exact route of the Tour de France Femmes is now known. The cyclists will ride on Monday, 12 August 2024 from the Escamplaan via Laak, the Schilderswijk and Zuiderpark to the finish line in Kijkduin.

Cyclists in Tour de France Femmes

More than 150 cyclists will ride 21 kilometres through The Hague. During this route they will ride through 4 of the 8 city districts. The finish line is on the Kijkduinsestraat. The winner will receive a yellow jersey, the first one to be bestowed outside of France.

The Tour de France Femmes will be held from 12 to 18 August 2024 and is one of the biggest multi-day cycle stage races for women. The start will take place this year in Rotterdam and The Hague. The cycling competition will finish on 18 August in France on the summit of Alpe d’Huez, a high and steep ski resort.

Lots to do in The Hague

There will be a busy programme with many activities on 12 August in The Hague’s Zuidwest area and Zuiderpark. For example, a Tour de Playgrounds is planned along the various play areas in the city, where activities will be organised. And high school students will be able to see and experience how much fun the sport of cycling is.

La Fête du Tour will take place in The Hague at the end of May. A sprint race will then be held on the Lange Voorhout. Top athletes and well-known citizens of The Hague will take part.

Map of the Tour de France Femmes route

Roads closed

The municipality will notify area residents and businesses in the coming months about which roads will be temporarily closed on 12 August. This is not yet known. Send any questions you have about this to: Begin link:, end link. .


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