Voting from abroad for the European Parliament elections

The Netherlands will vote for the European Parliament elections on 6 June 2024. Dutch citizens living abroad are also able to vote. In order to do so they must be registered as a voter with the Municipality of The Hague.

Time capsule from William II statue opened

During the Binnenhof renovation project a case dating from 1925 was discovered in the statue of King William II. Mayor Jan van Zanen revealed the contents of the case on 29 January 2024.

Exhibition: ‘My Duindorp’

Come to the exhibition 'My Duindorp through the eyes of young Duindorpers’. It can be seen until 4 May 2024 in Muzee Scheveningen.

Roadworks in the city

The Hague will continue to work towards being an accessible, sustainable and beautiful city. Roadwork is taking place at various locations.

Log in safely with DigiD

As of 21 December 2023 the municipality will change the way you can use your DigiD in order to make it safer. And to prevent people from using your DigiD without your permission.


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