Your plan for Leidschenveen could get money

The municipality is making € 40,000 available to improve neighbourhood culture and encounters among residents in Leidschenveen. Residents of Leidschenveen aged 12 years and older are invited to come up with a plan. Submit your plan before 28 March 2024.

3 young men sitting together and making music

Do you live in Leidschenveen? Do you attend school there? Or are you involved with the neighbourhood in another way? All plans which broaden the cultural programme and the possibilities for encounters in Leidschenveen are welcome. This also applies to small and less expensive plans..

Submit your plan


You can submit your plan for neighbourhood culture and encounters by Wednesday, 27 March on Begin external link: link), end external link..

On paper

You can also submit your plan on paper. To do this fill in a special postcard for the municipality. You can pick up these postcards at the Leidschenveen library, Landzigt city farm and ’t Plekkie youth centre. Fill in the postcard and put it in the special neighbourhood budget letterbox. The letterbox can be found until 27 March by the Leidschenveen library and Landzigt city farm. By ’t Plekkie youth centre you will find a special gift box where you can insert your postcard.

The neighbourhood votes

You can vote for the plans until 3 April via the Begin external link: website wijkbudget Leidschenveen(External link), end external link. by giving your favourites a ‘like’. You can of course also drum up attention for your plan to get likes. A plan with at least 30 likes will proceed to the next round. The municipality will then examine whether the plans which are chosen are also feasible.

The municipality will announce all of the feasible plans on the  Begin external link: website wijkbudget Leidschenveen(External link), end external link. in May. All residents of Leidschenveen will then get a letter with a unique voting code. They can use the voting code to vote for the plans and divide the money among the plans.

Carrying out the plans

The plans with the most votes will be carried out by the residents together with the municipality. This will take place as of January 2025.


Do you have any questions or comments? Send an email to Begin link:, end link.


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