The Hague handing out 1,750 trees

The municipality is again handing out free trees. Residents, businesses, sport clubs, schools and other organisations can apply for a tree. You can apply between 27 May and 22 July 2024.

Label for an apple tree

Go to Begin external link: link), end external link. (in Dutch) to apply for a tree. You will also find more information there about the campaign and the rules. The Duurzaam Den Haag foundation is organising the distribution of the trees and processing the applications. They will let you know whether you will get a tree. The municipality is in particular calling on residents of neighbourhoods with fewer trees and green spaces and a lot of concrete to apply for a tree.

The tree will be delivered to you at home or at your organisation or company in the autumn (November). Afterwards you can plant the tree yourself.

Why is The Hague handing out trees?

The municipality is planting more grass, flowers and trees in the city. This helps to combat heat, drought and excess rainwater. This is also good for the insects and birds. And more greenery will make The Hague more beautiful. Making The Hague greener is not something the municipality can do alone. This is why the municipality is handing out trees. So that The Hague remains a pleasant city for people and animals to live in, now and in the future. This is the 4th time this campaign is being organised. Some 5,000 trees have already been distributed in the past few years.


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