Neighbourhood residents attend 1st meeting on NATO summit

More than 120 residents attended the informational meeting about the NATO summit in the World Forum on Monday, 3 June 2024. The municipality organised the evening together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During the meeting Mayor Jan van Zanen and project leader Peter van Heerwaarden explained why The Hague is a suitable host city for the NATO summit. During the summit the city of peace and justice will be at the centre of international attention. A total of about 8,500 people will be coming to The Hague for the summit. The NATO summit takes place from 24 to 26 June 2025.

Extra attention on security

Various measures are needed in order to ensure that the NATO summit takes place without any problems. These measures will be particularly noticeable for neighbourhood residents of Zorgvliet. And for residents of the surrounding neighbourhoods, Geuzen- en Statenkwartier and Duinoord. Mayor Jan van Zanen responded to concerns and questions about the security in the area. The municipality will be working intensively together with the police as well as the Royal Marechaussee and Ministry of Defence.

Temporary extension World Forum

During the meeting Robert Dingjan and Stephanie Kosterink from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs talked about the preparations. Such as the temporary extension of the World Forum. This is needed so that there is enough space for all of the attendees. During the meeting neighbourhood residents could look at the scale model of the extension.

Questions and answers

The questions during and after the presentation will soon be posted on the page Begin link:, end link. . This page will contain all of the newest information.

Meeting in November

The next meeting for neighbourhood residents will be held at the end of 2024, around November. More information should then be known about the measures around the World Forum. And about the project for the temporary extension.

Scale model of extension for World Forum


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