Municipality wants to make it easier to discuss suicide

The municipality will place small plaques (markers with a QR code) on benches in every city district. The idea is to make it easier to start a conversation with somebody about suicide. The municipality hopes that these benches will lower the barrier to discussing this topic.

The goal of the plaques is part of the Hague Prevention Approach. The municipality will place the plaques at spots where young people often gather, such as in parks and at schools.

Three adults sitting on a bench in front of The Hague University
Deputy Mayor Robert Barker, council member Marije Mostert and Elisabeth Minnemann (Chair of the Executive Board at The Hague University) on a bench with a plaque. (Photo: Henriëtte Guest)

Silent struggle

‘A good conversation begins with truly seeing someone.’ This is a translation of the text on the plaques (‘Een goed gesprek begint met iemand écht zien’.). Since the corona epidemic the number of people with depression and suicidal thoughts has risen among young people. Suicide is in fact the leading cause of death among people under 30. To raise more awareness for this topic a Begin external link: temporary artwork(External link), end external link. entitled ‘Stille Strijd’ (Silent Struggle) was placed on the Laan van Reagan en Gorbatsjov in December 2023.

Do you need help?

Are you contemplating suicide? Please contact Stichting 113 Zelfmoordpreventie. You can also call them on tel. 0800-0113 or use the chat button on the website. It is not necessary to give your name.


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