Driving licence

  • Exchange a foreign driving licence

    Exchange a driving licence from within EU/EEA or Switzerland, outside the EU/EEA or Switzerland, or the Caribbean Netherlands.

  • Apply for a driving licence for the first time

    Once you pass your driving test, you may apply for a driving licence.

  • Renew driving licence

    Your driving licence shows the date it expires. If your licence has expired, you are not permitted to drive. Renew your driving licence online or at a municipal counter.

  • After loss or theft

    Have you lost your driving licence? Or has it been stolen? Apply for a new or replacement driving licence at the municipality.

  • Damaged or unreadable

    Is your driving licence damaged or has it become unreadable? Apply to the municipality for a new or replacement driving licence.

  • Add extra categories

    Do you already have a driving licence and have you qualified for another category? Then you need to renew your driving licence. Your new driving licence will include the extra category.

  • Renew driving licence without fixed domicile

    Do you have a Dutch driving licence but you are not registered with the BRP? Then you can renew your driving licence at the municipality in which you are residing.

  • Health certificate (formerly Medical Statement)

    You will need the health certificate if you are going to take a driving test and in certain situations if you want to extend or exchange your driving licence.

  • Driving licence, general information

    Would you like to drive a car or motorcycle? Then you need a driving licence. You can apply for one or renew it in your municipality.