Driving licence

  • Driving licence

    If you would you like to drive a car or motorcycle, you need a driving licence. You can apply for one or renew it in your municipality.

  • First-time application for a driving licence

    A driving licence allows you to drive a motor vehicle or ride a motorbike. Once you pass your driving test, you may apply for a driving licence.

  • Driving licence, add extra categories

    Have you recently passed another category driving test? Then you need to apply for a new driving licence, which will also show the new category.

  • Driving licence, Medical Statement

    You will need to fill in the Medical Statement if you are taking a driving test and in certain situations if you would like to extend your driving licence.

Renewing your driving licence

  • Renew driving licence

    A driving licence is valid for up to 10 years. The date that the driving licence expires is written on this document. It is best to renew your licence before the expiry date.

  • Renew damaged driving licence

    Visit the municipality to apply for a new or replacement driving licence. A replacement driving licence will be valid until the same date as your old driving licence.

  • Apply for driving licence after loss or theft

    Have you lost your driving licence? Or has it been stolen? Apply for a new driving licence or a replacement at the municipality.

  • Renew driving licence without fixed domicile

    Do you have a Dutch driving licence but you are not registered with the BRP? Submit an application to renew your driving licence at the municipality in which you are currently residing.