Add extra driving licence categories

Do you already have a driving licence, for example for a passenger vehicle? Have you recently passed another category driving test, for example to drive a motorcycle? Then you need to renew your driving licence. Your new driving licence will include the extra category.

The Central Office for Motor Vehicle Driver Testing (CBR) will automatically send the declaration of additional categories to the municipality you reside in. This takes 1 working day.

The municipality will verify the authenticity of your identity documents.

  • You are registered at an address in The Hague.
  • You must turn in your old driving licence when you collect your new one.

  • Is the category C, C1, C1E, CE, D, D1, D1E and/or DE (heavy vehicle driving licence) displayed on your current driving licence?
    These categories will have the same period of validity on your new licence as on your current one. To extend the period for these categories, you will need a Statement of Health. Make sure to apply for this on time because it can sometimes take a few weeks to get it.
  • Would you like to extend all the categories on your new driving licence?
    Then apply well in advance for the Begin link:, end link. ).
  • The categories for trucks and buses could be valid for a shorter period of time than categories A and B. This depends on when you obtained that category. Consult the Begin external link: website of the RDW(External link), end external link..
  • Information about code 95 and the expired exemption for drivers born before 1 July 1955 can be found on the Begin external link: website of the CBR(External link), end external link..

To obtain a driving licence, you need to meet 1 of the following requirements:

  • You are a citizen of one of the EU or EEA countries or Switzerland.
  • You have a valid residence permit.

  • Renewing a driving licence with extra categories: € 51.10 
  • To expedite an application: € 51.10 + € 39.65 = € 90.75 

These fees must be paid upfront when you submit your application. You can pay in cash or use a bank card at City Hall Spui. You can only use a bank card at the Leyweg City Office. Unfortunately it is not possible to pay with a credit card.

  • 5 working days.
  • Do you need your driving licence quickly? Then you may use the expedited procedure. You will receive your licence after a maximum of 2 working days (if you apply before 14.00 hrs.). This procedure is more expensive.

If you would like to add a category to your driving licence, you will need to have your driving licence renewed. You can do this online. The municipality is taking part in the Dutch Road Transport Directorate (RDW) pilot ‘Digitaal aanvragen rijbewijs’, which started in July 2019. You can apply using your smartphone. The RDW will notify you when your driving licence is ready to be collected. You do not need an appointment to do this and it will be ready after 2 working days (instead of 5 working days). Take your current driving licence with you.

You can renew your driving licence online if you meet the conditions for renewing your driving licence (Begin link: see Conditions, end link. ).

Additional conditions for arranging your driving licence online are:

  • You have passport photos taken by a photographer or at a photo booth approved by the RDW.
  • You have an Android mobile telephone (version 6.0 or higher) or an iPhone (model 7 or higher and iOS version 13) with an NFC reader.
  • You have the DigiD app.

More information

Read more about how you can apply for your driving licence online on Begin external link: RDW instructional video(External link), end external link. on YouTube.

You apply for your driving licence in person at a counter of the Department of Public Service. Make an appointment for this online.

You pick up your driving licence in person at the Begin link: city office, end link. (City Hall Spui or Leyweg City Office) where you applied for it. You must collect it within 3 months after applying for it. After that the document will be invalidated and the municipality will be obliged to destroy it. Would you still like a new driving licence after these 3 months? You will then need to apply and pay for it again.


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