The Hague - Personal Records Database (BRP)

Personal Records Database (BRP)

  • What is the BRP?

    The BRP is administered by the Department of Public Service (Publiekszaken) of the municipality, which registers important life milestones with legal consequences.

  • What to take to your BRP appointment

    What is required to register in the BRP of The Hague?

  • BRP extract (Personal Records Database)

    Here you can find an overview of all the extracts which you can request.

  • Changing details in the BRP

    You can submit a request to have your personal details corrected, removed or changed in the BRP.

  • Request to keep data confidential

    Would you prefer that companies and private individuals are not able to access your personal details in the BRP (formerly the GBA)? Then you may submit a request to keep your data confidential.

  • Registering foreign documents in the BRP

    If your vital events took place abroad, you are required to register these in the Personal Records Database of your municipality.

  • Address investigation

    Is somebody registered at your address who does not reside there? Or is someone using your address and are you not able to reach this person? Then you can ask the municipality to conduct an address investigation.

  • Request a BRP extract for someone else

    You can request an extract from the municipality’s Personal Records Database (BRP) for someone else. You can do this at 1 of the city district offices. You will get the extract immediately.