Change address details in the BRP

Are your address details incorrect in the municipality’s Personal Records Database (BRP)? You can make a request to have these details changed.

  • You are a resident of The Hague.
  • Your address details are incorrect in the BRP. This specifically means your address, house number or moving date.

You can only change your address if the municipality or another organisation have made a mistake. Not if you were too late with the registration.

  • a copy of your valid form of identification (only when you make a request without logging in with DigiD)
  • proof of your address or moving date:
    • if your address or house number is incorrect: proof of your correct address or house number
    • if your moving date is incorrect: proof that you reported your move to the municipality earlier

You can request the change online. You can do this with and without DigiD.

Are you going to move? Or did you move recently but have not registered your new address at the municipality? Then you can change your details on the page Begin link: Report your move, end link. .
Is somebody registered at your address who does not reside there? Request an Begin link: address investigation, end link. .


Within 4 weeks you will first get an intention and then a decision on your request. Will your request take longer than 4 weeks? You will be notified about this.

Would you like to change your personal data in the BRP rather than your address details? Do this on the page Begin link: Change personal data in the BRP, end link. .


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