Request a civil status document for someone else

You can request a copy or extract of a document for someone else. You can do this online.

Would you like to request a copy or extract of a document for someone else? This is possible only if you:

  • are the child or grandchild or the parent or grandparent (not a brother or sister)
  • are a beneficiary
  • are the spouse or civil partner
  • are the legal representative
  • need the document for a legal procedure
  • need the document to get married or enter into a civil partnership
  • have written consent (authorisation)

€ 16.60 excluding postage costs. After you have applied you will receive an invoice by email.

The municipality will send you the copy or extract within 3 weeks.

In the following cases you also need to send:

  • if you are the child or grandchild, the parent or grandparent or the spouse or civil partner: a copy of the identification for the person for whom you are requesting the certificate
  • if you are a beneficiary: a copy of the certificate of inheritance. You will get this from the notary
  • if you are the legal representative: a document which affirms this
  • if you are authorised: written consent from the person for whom you are requesting the certificate, with a copy of this person’s valid form of identification.

For authorisation you can use the written authorisation form for the Registry Office. Include this document with your application.

Written authorisation form for the Registry Office

(PDF, 87.2 KB)

You can apply for the document online.

Apply online

You will find an overview of all documents for which you can request a copy or extract under Begin link: Certificates and official documents, end link. .

You cannot figure it out?

Are you unable to apply online? Or are there special circumstances? Begin link: Contact the municipality, end link. .

You can make a safe copy of your identity document with your mobile telephone or tablet using the KopieID app. Read more on the Begin external link: website of the Government of the Netherlands(External link), end external link..


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