I rent or own a home

  • Finding a house

    The Hague offers great variety in the type of neighbourhood, from bustling and urban to leafy-green residential, from central to more isolated.

  • Measures for problems on the housing market

    The demand for housing in The Hague is much larger than the supply. In the coming years the city will grow by 4,000 to 5,000 inhabitants per year. To ensure that everyone can live comfortably, certain measures are needed.

  • Rental advice from the Fair Rent Team

    If you are paying too much rent, you can call in the Fair Rent Commission or first ask for advice from the municipality’s Fair Rent Team.

  • Affordable housing permit

    Are you going to rent a property? Then you sometimes need an affordable housing permit. Apply for this on time at the municipality.

  • Rental Helpdesk (Huurbalie)

    The Rental Helpdesk (Huurbalie) provides tenants and landlords in The Hague's private rental sector with free advice and information.

  • Ground lease conditions

    Ground lease: what is allowed and what is not? You can read about it in the general and special conditions for your ground lease right.

  • Construction of fibre optic network

    A number of telecom companies are building fibre optic networks in The Hague. Fibreglass makes high speed internet possible. The municipality believes it is important for residents and businesses to get a connection to the fibre optic network.

Maintenance and renovation

  • Replacing lead water pipes

    The municipality is asking homeowners to have the lead water pipes replaced in their homes. Drinking water from lead pipes is not healthy. Particularly for developing children under the age of 8 and pregnant women.

  • Apply for an all-in-one building permit

    Are you planning to build, rebuild or renovate? Cut down a tree? Place solar panels? Or make changes to a building or a site which will give it a different function? First check whether you need an all-in-one building permit. Or apply right away for an all-in-one building permit.

  • Building in and with the neighbourhood

    Are you going to build or renovate? Inform your neighbours before and during the building work. A good relationship prevents nuisance, complaints and objections.

Housing problems

  • Report a housing issue

    Report domestic nuisance, illegal housing or use of a building, overdue maintenance, nuisance caused by a company, pests and vermin, request a Stolperstein.

  • The Hague Housing Inspection Bureau

    The Hague Housing Inspection Bureau (Haagse Pandbrigade) checks the safety of buildings and properties in the city. It also investigates whether owners, tenants and landlords of the buildings and properties are following the building and housing regulations.

  • Noise nuisance

    There are different types of noise nuisance. Read what you can do if you have a complaint about noise.

I am a landlord

  • Rules for holiday rentals

    Are your receiving guests in your home from outside The Hague? And will you get money for this? Then this is considered a holiday rental. There are rules for this. You need a registration number and a permit or exemption.

  • Renting out your home during your holiday

    Do you want to rent out the home you live in to tourists? Then as of 2 August 2021 you will need a permit and registration number.

  • Renting out short stay accommodation

    Are you a landlord and do you want to rent out (part of) a building? For example, to business visitors, expats or students who will spend a short time in The Hague? If so, you must adhere to a number of rules.

  • Renting out a 2nd home (pied-à-terre)

    Are you going to rent out living space as a 2nd home (pied-à-terre)? Then you need an exemption and a registration number for this.

  • Rent out a room

    Do you want to rent out all the rooms in your home? Or do you have a spare room you would like to rent out? You have to comply with a number of conditions.

  • Rental Helpdesk (Huurbalie)

    The Rental Helpdesk (Huurbalie) provides tenants and landlords in The Hague's private rental sector with free advice and information.

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