Replacing lead water pipes

The municipality is asking homeowners to have the lead water pipes replaced in their homes.

Drinking water from lead pipes is not healthy. Particularly for developing children under the age of 8 and pregnant women. If young children ingest too much lead, it can affect their IQ. Adults can experience kidney problems or a slightly elevated blood pressure. Until the lead pipes have been replaced, you are advised not to drink the water from the tap. Use bottled water, tap water from non-lead pipes or water from a public tap.

Lead pipes

Lead pipes are often found in homes built before 1960. The use of lead pipes was banned after 1960.

Situation in The Hague

The lead pipes are being replaced in all municipal-owned buildings built before 1960. It is being done first in buildings where children under the age of 8 and pregnant women often come. The municipality is asking schools, childcare and afterschool care facilities and sport clubs to check their water pipes. And to replace them where needed.

Checking the plumbing

Check whether there are lead pipes in your home. Watch the video by drinking water company Dunea:

You do not see any lead or you are in doubt? To check the plumbing in your floors and walls, you can have your tap water tested for lead. You can arrange a test online. You will have to pay for the test yourself.

You can also arrange a test at another company. Make sure it is an authorised company.

  • Are you renting your home? Ask your landlord (commercial or housing association) to have the water tested. If your landlord is not willing to cooperate, ask for assistance from the Begin link: Fair Rent Team, end link. .

Help with payment

Take up contact with your mortgage lender in the following cases:

  • you are the homeowner
  • you have no money to pay for the test or to replace the lead pipes

You can also make an appointment at the Helpdesk Geldzaken (money matters). The helpdesk can be reached Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 16.30 hrs. on tel. (070) 353 61 88. Or send an email to Begin link:, end link. . You can also ask your question using the form on Begin external link: link), end external link. . Helpdesk Geldzaken will then call you back.

More information

You can find extensive information (in Dutch) on checking and replacing lead water pipes on the websites of:

Letter to residents in different languages

مواسير المياه المصنوعة من الرصاص (Arabisch)

(PDF, 226.0 KB)

Оловни водопроводни тръби (Bulgaars)

(PDF, 143.7 KB)

铅水管 (Chinees)

(PDF, 152.2 KB)

Lead water pipes (Engels)

(PDF, 134.3 KB)

Rury instalacji wodnej wykonane z ołowiu (Pools)

(PDF, 148.3 KB)

Conductele de apă fabricate din plumb (Roemeens)

(PDF, 141.8 KB)

Tuberías de plomo (Spaans)

(PDF, 139.8 KB)

Kurşun su boruları (Turks)

(PDF, 140.9 KB)


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