Building in and with the neighbourhood

Are you planning to do construction or renovation work? Make sure you show consideration for the people living nearby. Inform them of your plans on time. This fosters understanding and can help prevent complaints and objections.

Read how you can limit any nuisance to your neighbours during your renovation project.

General tips

  1. Inform the people in the neighbourhood about your plans in advance.
    People often appreciate this. And you can discuss any potential problems with each other and find a solution. 
  2. Discuss the planning and the impact of the building activities.
    Indicate any possible annoyances your neighbours should anticipate. Such as noise, traffic, dust, scarcity of parking space and fenced off areas.
  3. Exchange contact information such as telephone numbers and email addresses.
    This way you ensure that you can quickly inform each other if something unexpected happens or if there are problems. This prevents irritation and improves cooperation.
  4. Maintain regular contact with each other during the building activities.
    Ask them once in a while if everything is ok. This prevents irritation and ensures greater understanding if there is ever any trouble.

Examples of good communication

Look at the tips and examples of letters, posters and postcards below. You can use these to maintain good contact with your neighbours.

Practical tips if you are going to do renovation work (in Dutch)

(PDF, 1.8 MB)

The PDF below contains a step-by-step communication plan for informing your neighbours on time.

Communicate with the neighbours on time (in Dutch)

(PDF, 124.6 KB)
Afbeelding uit de campagne Bouwen in en met de buurt

Apply for environment and planning permit

If you want to build or renovate you might need an environment and planning permit. Read more on the page Begin link: Apply for an environment and planning permit, end link. .


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