What is the Social Support Act (Wmo)

Are you unable to manage everything yourself? For example due to illness, a disability or age? You can get assistance with daily household activities. Such as housecleaning or additional transportation like AV 070. An adaptation to your house can also help. The municipality provides you with assistance through the Wet maatschappelijke ondersteuning (Social Support Act).

What is the Wmo?

The Wmo provides you with assistance if you need it. You can arrange many types of assistance yourself. You do not always need the municipality for this. For some types of assistance you first need to apply for Wmo support. A municipal employee will talk to you about what you are able to do and not able to do. The municipality will provide advice on which kind of assistance best meets your needs. You then need to apply yourself.

You arrange this kind of assistance yourself

Some types of assistance you can arrange yourself. For example, hot meal delivery service or small adaptations to your house such as wall brackets or threshold ramps. In these cases you do not need to apply for Wmo support. You do not need advice from the municipality. You purchase this kind of assistance or apply yourself. For example in shops located in your neighbourhood or at organisations which you can visit or which will pay you a home visit.

For example:

Sometimes you need to pay for this assistance.

The Sociale Kaart shows you where assistance or care is available in your neighbourhood. For example:

  • coffee mornings in a community centre
  • social work
  • online grocery delivery service
  • chore service

What kind of assistance can you get through the Wmo?

    Intensive or medical care

    Do you need intensive care or a community nursing service? The Centrum Indicatiestelling Zorg (CIZ) arranges this. This type of assistance falls under the Wet langdurige zorg (Long Term Care Act).

    Do you need personalised nursing or care? Your own health insurance provider will arrange this. This type of assistance falls under the Health Insurance Act (Zorgverzekeringswet).


    Do you receive assistance through the Wmo? Sometimes you need to pay for this. The Centraal Administratie Kantoor (CAK) will calculate what you need to pay. This is called the deductible (eigen bijdrage). You pay a deductible for:

    • help in the household
    • mobility aids
    • adaptations to your home

    • AV 070
    • sheltered accommodation for psychiatric patients
    • certain general facilities

    Zorg in natura or pgb

    Do you need care or support? The municipality can arrange this for you through 'zorg in natura' (a care provider). You can also arrange it yourself through an individual budget (persoonsgebonden budget). You get money which you can then use to purchase assistance yourself.

    Zorg in natura

    With 'zorg in natura' you receive assistance from a care provider. You choose this yourself. The provider has a contract with the municipality. You do not need to arrange anything yourself. The care provider makes arrangements with the municipality on the care and finances. Read more (in Dutch) about 'zorg in natura'.


    The pgb allows you to choose and arrange your assistance yourself. You sign a care agreement with the care provider. You can declare the costs at the Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB). The care provider will get the money from the SVB. You do the administration yourself. Read more (in Dutch) about the persoonsgebonden budget.

    Volunteer and caregiver


    Would you like to volunteer and help somebody out? For example by supporting somebody during a doctor's appointment or helping them do their paperwork? Become a buddy. Read more about becoming a buddy at volunteerthehague.nl.


    Do you care for somebody 8 hours a week? Or have you been doing this longer than 3 months in a row? Then you are a caregiver (mantelzorger). There is also help and support available for you as a caregiver. Read more (in Dutch) about help for caregivers.

    Help with questions

    Are you having trouble figuring things out? Or are you in doubt about which kind of assistance you need? Come to a Service point. A staff member can assist you there.

    Do you have a question, remark or complaint about the Wmo? Contact the Cliƫntenraad Sociaal Domein. More information can be found at www.clientenraaddenhaag.nl.

    Published: 1 October 2020Modified: 8 April 2021