Make an appointment at the municipality

You can make an appointment at the municipality through the website. You can choose to visit either City Hall Spui or the Leyweg City Office.

The municipality has adapted its services to comply with the protection measures against the coronavirus.

The municipality is trying wherever possible to make appointments and products available online. You will automatically see a list of the products for which you can make an appointment online when you make an appointment.

If the product you are applying for is not in the list, you can make an appointment by phoning tel. 14070.

14070 uses the same list of appointments as the website. There is no use in phoning in order to get an earlier appointment.

You can apply for many products online. Use this service as much as you can to arrange your affairs quickly and easily.

Other measures:

  • If you do not need to attend the appointment with other people, come alone.
  • A maximum of 100 people are allowed in the space at the same time. Do not arrive earlier than 15 minutes for your appointment and anticipate that you may have to wait a while for your turn.
  • For your protection and for the protection of its staff the municipality asks you to make contactless payments or to pay with a bank card (with PIN) at the counters in City Hall Spui and the Leyweg City Office.
  • If you have a cold, you will need to stay home.
  • If somebody in your family has a fever or is not feeling well, the entire family needs to stay home.
  • Always maintain a distance of at least 1.5 metres from other people.
  • If municipal employees working at a counter or in a meeting/consultation room observe that a visitor has a cold, they will indicate that they will stop the conversation. They will ask you to make a new appointment.

Dutch passport or identity card


Birth and Acknowledgment of Parenthood

Marriage and unmarried partnership



Recycling and waste

Copies and transcripts

Personal Records Database (BRP)


Change or cancel an appointment

Would you like to reschedule or cancel your appointment? You can do this using the links in the confirmation email you received when you made the appointment.

Also see Opening hours and locations of city district offices

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