BRP extract plus previous addresses

This extract provides an overview of your previous addresses as they are known in the municipality’s Personal Records Database (BRP). You can use this document, for example, for housing corporations.

What does the extract contain?

  • your surname
  • your given name(s)
  • your date and place of birth
  • your home address
  • your previous addresses

This extract is available only in Dutch.


You are registered at an address in The Hague.


Request this BRP extract using your DigiD

Apply for the extract

Would you like to apply for an extract on someone else’s behalf? This is not possible online. Read more about this under: Request a BRP extract for someone else.


€ 14.60 in 2019. You pay this amount through iDEAL when you apply online.

How long does it take?

The extract will be sent to your home within 2 working days.