Accessibility declaration

Everyone must be able to easily use and view the information on This also applies to blind and visually impaired people or people with another type of limitation. An accessibility declaration indicates the extent to which a website fulfils predetermined standards.

Central register

The accessibility declaration for is listed in the ‘central register of accessibility declarations’.

You can read the entire declaration in the register by clicking on the image below.

The accessibility declaration for Follow the link for the accessible version of this label.


The accessibility declaration is based on the most recent research reports by Stichting Accessibility and the municipality's Online department.


The website publishes PDF files only when this is the best way of providing certain information. Files published on the website must be accessible. This means that every visitor is able to read them.

The municipality is still in the process of removing all inaccessible PDF files on A number of the PDF forms have not yet been replaced by digital forms and the municipality is working on an alternative solution for inaccessible maps of areas in the city. These processes should be completed in 2021.

Report inaccessible PDFs

Have you encountered a PDF file which is not accessible? Contact the Online team at the municipality. Indicate in the contact form:

  • On which page you found the PDF.
  • The title of the PDF.

What can you expect?

  • The municipality will send you a confirmation of receipt within 5 working days.
  • The municipality will keep you informed on the progress and the outcome of your report.
  • The municipality will process your report within 3 weeks.