Taking your rubbish to a waste depot

Dispose of your bulky waste, garden waste and construction and demolition waste at a waste depot using your Afvalpas. Most types of waste are accepted free of charge. Reusable goods can be taken to a charity shop (kringloopwinkel).

You can bring your bulky waste, garden waste and construction and demolition waste to one of the waste depots. The waste depots are open from Monday to Saturday from 8.30 to 17.00. There are different opening hours during the holidays.
Belangrijke informatie:

Always take your Afvalpas to enter the waste depots. Read more about the Afvalpas.

Are you unable to drop off your bulky household waste or garden waste yourself? Make a free appointment for the collection of your bulky waste. You can pay a fee to have construction and demolition waste collected. Make a separate appointment for this.

Types of waste and fees

Below you can see:

  • where you can bring certain types of waste
  • which waste you need to pay for.
Type of waste Plutostraat Uitenhagestraat De Werf Fees
earth, soil and sand yes no no € 1.65 for 25 litres
batteries yes yes yes -
asbestos yes no no -
car tires (maximum of 4) yes yes yes -
garden timber edging yes no no € 1.65 for 25 litres
roofing, such as roof tiles and asphalt yes no no € 1.65 for 25 litres
electric and electronic appliances yes yes yes -
(frying) oil and oil in sealed packaging yes yes yes -
gas canisters, gas tanks, fire extinguishers and other pressurised containers yes no yes -
plasterboard yes yes yes € 1.65 for 25 litres
glass, glass plates/mirrors yes yes yes -
turf/sod yes no no € 1.65 for 25 litres
gravel yes yes yes € 1.65 for 25 litres
(bulky) household waste yes yes yes -
large garden waste, such as trimmings and branches yes no no -
hard plastic and other plastic yes yes yes -
all types of wood yes yes yes
iron and other metals yes yes yes -
domestic chemical waste (KCA) (maximum 25 kg per time) yes yes yes -
small amounts of organic waste (GFT) yes no no -
mattresses yes no yes -
horse manure yes no no -
paper yes yes yes -
styrofoam yes no yes -
door/window frames yes yes yes € 1.65 for 25 litres
windows, wired glass yes yes yes € 1.65 for 25 litres
Belangrijke informatie: The staff at the waste depots will help you dispose of your bulky waste in the correct container. This way bulky waste can be sorted by waste type, such as wood, stone and iron. This makes it possible to reuse or recycle valuable materials and to process harmful materials.
  • Construction and demolition waste

    Read where you can drop off construction and demolition waste and what the fees are on the page Removal of construction and demolition waste.

    Company waste

    The rules for rubbish collection for companies are different from the rules for household waste. Companies may not drop off their rubbish at a waste depot. Contract an authorised waste management company to collect your company waste. You will find more information on the page Waste removal for companies.

    Reusable goods

    Reusable goods can be taken to a recycled goods shop (kringloopwinkel). For example, functioning televisions, clothing or furniture. Some charity shops have a collection service. Look at allekringloopwinkels.nl. Or have the items repaired, for example at a repair café.

        Waste depots

        • Binckhorst
          Plutostraat 1
          2516 AL The Hague

          Uitenhagestraat 4
          2571 VV The Hague

          De Werf 13
          2544 EH The Hague

        • The 3 waste depots are open Monday to Saturday from 8.30 to 17.00 hrs.
          On public holidays they are closed or have shorter hours of operation:

          • New Year's Day: closed
          • Easter: closed
          • King's Day: closed
          • Liberation Day: closed
          • Ascension Day: closed
          • Pentecost/Whitsun: closed
          • Christmas Eve: 8.30 to 16.00 hrs.
          • Christmas: closed
          • New Year's Eve: 8.30 to 16.00 hrs.

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