Penalty for improper waste disposal

Have you disposed of your household rubbish improperly; for example, too early, too late or next to a container? Then you could get a fine if the municipality needs to remove it.

Improper disposal of waste

You may not:

  • put your household rubbish outside too early: before 22.00 hrs. the day before the collection day
  • put your household rubbish outside too late: after 7.45 hrs. on the collection day
  • place your household rubbish next to or on top of a container
  • place your household rubbish anywhere other than on the edge of the sidewalk or at the designated collection spot
  • place bulky waste on the street without an appointment.

    Monitoring of improperly disposed of waste

    If you are caught in the act, you will immediately get a fine. Even if you are not caught right away, it could cost you money. Improperly disposed of waste will be taken away and examined. The municipal surveillance team is officially authorised to check rubbish bags. The team is permitted to open the bags, search through the contents and collect any details they find about the people who disposed of the rubbish.

    Costs per offence

    If it appears that the rubbish is yours, you will then get a so-called spoedeisende bestuursdwang (urgent administrative order). You will be charged part of the costs for checking and removing the rubbish. The fixed penalties are:

    • the 1st time € 126 per offence
    • the 2nd time € 160 per offence
    • as of the 3rd time € 194 per offence

    Payment scheme

    Are you unable to pay the fine at 1 time? Apply for a payment scheme. You will then pay the fine in instalments. Send your request in writing to:

    Gemeente Den Haag, Dienst Stadsbeheer
    t.a.v. afdeling Transactieverwerking/Debiteurenadministratie
    Postbus 12651
    2500 DP Den Haag

    Or send your request by email to:

    Always provide the invoice number and debtor number when applying for a payment scheme.

    Contesting the penalty

    If you do not agree with the nuisance penalty, you can contest it within 6 weeks after the date on the bill.  

    Do you disagree with the municipality’s decision (if you were not caught in the act)? You can submit an objection to the Municipal Executive within 6 weeks after the date of the decision. The date is stated in the letter you received.

    Read how you can submit an objection

    How long does it take?

    It takes between 9 and 13 weeks before you will receive a decision on your objection. While your objection is being processed, your payment obligations will not be suspended. You are obliged to pay the amount. If the municipality rules in your favour, you will be reimbursed for the amount you paid.

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