Ukraine: frequently asked questions

The Hague is providing refugees from Ukraine with initial shelter and accommodation. The municipality will use this page to keep you updated on the situation of the refugees from Ukraine. And what this means for residents of The Hague.

Also read the Begin link: answers to questions frequently asked by Ukrainian refugees, end link. .

Reception and emergency shelter

Russian troops invaded Ukraine on 24 February 2022. Millions of Ukrainians have fled the country. The policy of the Government of the Netherlands has been to accommodate people as much as possible in the region. Now this region is Europe.

Arrival centres

Do you have questions about the arrival procedure or shelter? Call the municipality on tel. (070) 353 80 24 (+3170 3538024 from abroad). This number is available Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 17.00 hrs.

The Begin external link: website van UNHCR(External link), end external link. provides a current overview of the number of refugees from Ukraine worldwide.

Asylum seekers centres provide accommodation to refugees and asylum seekers while they are waiting for their asylum procedure and housing. Refugees from Ukraine do not have to apply for asylum to be in the Netherlands. That is why there are reception facilities for refugees from Ukraine in many municipalities.

Ukrainians will be put in asylum seekers centres only when they apply for asylum.

They will stay as long as it is not safe to return.

The Government of the Netherlands has made arrangements with the 25 safety regions of the Netherlands for the reception of Ukrainian refugees. Each safety region will have to provide 2,000 reception spots.

I want to help refugees

Visit the Begin external link: website of Vluchtelingenwerk(External link), end external link. and Begin external link: Volunteer The Hague(External link), end external link.. And you can of course donate money.

Offering a place to stay is often a special experience for the host household and for the guest. You learn about each other’s backgrounds, cultures and history. At the same time it is also a huge responsibility to offer a temporary home to these people. It is therefore important that you are well informed before you take the decision to open your house to strangers.

Would you like to let a refugee stay at your home or do you have other accommodation available? Read more information on the Begin external link: website of Vluchtelingenwerk(External link), end external link..

You can also register with Begin external link: Takecarebnb(External link), end external link., the organisation that mediates between refugees and host families. Takecarebnb also provides Begin external link: tips for safely hosting refugees at home(External link), end external link.. You will not receive any compensation for hosting Ukrainian refugees. The lodging arrangement where you get compensation for hosting asylum status holders does not apply to Ukrainian refugees.

Begin external link: Gastgezin voor een Vluchteling(External link), end external link. is a private initiative for providing shelter to Ukrainians.

Ukrainians can travel within the European Union without a visa for 90 days. They can therefore travel to the Netherlands legally if they have a Begin external link: biometric passport(External link), end external link.. Travelling to the Netherlands and assisting in this is completely legal.

It is up to Ukrainian refugees whether they come to the Netherlands. Personal circumstances, such as family elsewhere in Europe, can play an important role in their choice. The municipality cannot advise on this. For more information, go to the Begin external link: website of the Immigration and Naturalisation Service(External link), end external link..

If you offer private shelter to Ukrainian refugees, the shared living costs standard is not applicable. (The shared living costs standard means that if you are sharing a household with multiple adults, the municipality will adjust your benefits accordingly.) Important: if you receive welfare benefits, you need to inform the municipality that you are hosting a refugee. Use the Begin link: modification form, end link. (in Dutch).

Host families who take Ukrainians into their home pay the extra costs themselves. Refugees can apply for a living allowance through the municipality. It is up to the refugees whether they use this money to contribute towards the household costs. Have your guests agreed to reimburse you for the costs or to pay rent? Inform the municipality.

It is important that refugees Begin link: register in The Hague, end link. . Registering at a home address could have an effect on the municipal taxes. It means that more people are living at 1 address. You can also register at your address as a temporary Begin link: mailing address, end link. . A mailing address is a temporary option if there is no permanent home address.

Are you able to provide a family with a pet with a temporary place to stay? Or do you have extra pet food, pet carriers or other items? Contact Hulp voor dieren uit Oekraine on: tel. 088 – 811 33 33 (Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 17.00 hrs.) or on email Begin link:, end link. . Or look at the website Begin external link: Hulp voor dieren uit Oekraïne(External link), end external link..

Refugees are insured through your liability insurance for any damage caused to others. Damage to your own property or possessions can be submitted to your own home or household insurance. In the event of damage, it will not have any financial consequences for your insurance premium.

If your liability insurance, home and/or household insurance provides no or only limited coverage, you can apply to the municipality’s volunteer’s insurance. If the damage is reimbursed only in part or not at all, you can report this to Begin link:, end link. . Send a copy of the letter from your insurance company.

Support workers can help you deal with feelings and emotions. They offer a sympathetic ear, free of charge and completely confidentially. Visit the Begin link: Servicepunt XL, end link. or call (070) 205 22 22.


For questions about shelter for refugees from Ukraine in The Hague region, please call tel. +31 (0)70 353 80 24, available on Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 17.00 hrs.

Do you have a general question about housing for refugees? Read more (in Dutch) at Begin link:, end link.


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