Calculate your fees for building work

Are you planning to build or renovate? Do a permit check in the Omgevingsloket Online (OLO) and see if you need a permit.

The Omgevingsloket Online shows for example:

  • up to which size (dimensions) a roof dormer or extension is permit exempt
  • when you need a tree felling permit and when not (exemptions)

The municipality charges fees for a permit. These fees are called 'leges'. If you need a permit, you can calculate the fees for your building or renovation plans.

Let op!
The sum of the fees is a rough estimate and is not the final amount. The final sum of the fees may be higher or lower once the final building costs are known. Extra costs may be incurred during the building. Or you start with a minor plan and later it turns out to be larger than you estimated.

Rough estimate of building fees (in Dutch)

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Published: 22 May 2019Modified: 3 January 2020