Paid parking on the street

For paid parking in The Hague you can pay at all of the city’s parking meters using your bank card, credit card or mobile telephone. There are different rules for motorcycles.

More information on paying for parking with your mobile telephone can be found under Pay-by-phone parking in The Hague.

Number plate parking

At the parking meters you first type in your number plate. You then indicate how long you would like to park. You can pay safely using your bank card or credit card. Your PIN code is not required.

Belangrijke informatie:

  • There is a limit of € 50 per transaction (rate for 2023).
  • This payment method is used only at parking meters.

You no longer have to place a paper parking ticket behind your windscreen. However, you can get a receipt once you have paid. It will indicate the end time of your parking session.

Problem with paying

Were you unable to pay at the parking meter? Look at the page How to contact the Municipal Parking Division to see what you can do.


The number plate information will be used only to check whether you have paid for parking. If the number plate has been registered properly (and you have paid), the information will be deleted after 24 hours. Read more information in the privacy declaration for automated parking control. You can find the privacy measures in the council file management system (RIS290220).

Parking a motorcycle or microcar

Motorcycles and microcars are permitted to park anywhere where passenger cars may park.


You do not need to pay for parking a motorcycle in paid parking zones.


You have to pay for parking a microcar in paid parking zones. Are you driving a disabled vehicle? Then you do not have to pay for parking in paid parking zones.

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Published: 12 November 2021Modified: 9 June 2023