Compensation of costs for parking facilities for people with a disability

Have you paid for a disabled parking card or for the creation of a disabled parking space and do you have a low income? Then you can apply for compensation.

The information on applying for compensation can be found under What is the Social Support Act (Wmo).

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You will not be granted compensation automatically. The municipality will first assess whether the parking facility is the right solution for you. Is this not the case? For example because you are medically able to use public transport or AV 070. Then the expenses will not be reimbursed.


  • You are officially registered in the Personal Records Database (BRP) in The Hague
  • You can prove that for medical reasons you cannot use public transportation or AV 070.

Assistance with your application

For assistance in filling in your form, you can go to a Service Point in your area. Look for the locations on the page Where do I found a Service Point?

Published: 8 June 2015Modified: 3 June 2019