Apply for parking permit for companies

Is your company located in an area where paid parking is in effect? Apply for a parking permit for companies. You can use this parking permit for different cars.

Are you using your permit for different cars? Register and deregister the correct number plate each time.

Parking permit in shopping areas

The parking permit is not valid in many shopping streets when the shops are open. Permit holders may park there only outside the hours of operation of the shops without paying.

  • The areas around the Palace Promenade, Energiekwartier and in De Resident have few on-street parking spots. Companies will not be able to buy a parking permit there. It is only possible to park in your own parking space there.


  • You have a business in an area in which parking permits are required to park. View the parking areas on the map. Your company is also not located in the Energiekwartier or CS-Oost / Grotiusplaats. These areas are easy to reach by public transportation and are located at cycling distance from the downtown area, The Hague's Central Station and Hollands Spoor.
  • You do not have your own private parking space, for example, in a garage or on your own property. And you are unable to rent or buy a parking space.

Are several businesses registered at the same address? Or do you have an office at home? Separate conditions apply.

    Needed for your application

    Include the following documents with your application:

    • A registration number in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel). Are you not registered yet? Include a digital copy of the rental contract or purchase deed for the location for which you are applying for a permit.
    • Do you have a liberal profession? For example, as an artist, text writer or dentist? And are you not registered at the Chamber of Commerce? Include the following:

      • a purchase deed or rental contract
      • an extract from the register of professions. Or a copy of the tax return (national taxes) for the year preceding the year for which you are applying for the parking permit. This should show that you are located in a parking permit area.
    • Are you applying for multiple parking permits for companies? Or an extra permit in addition to your current permit? Include or bring a scanned copy of a signed payroll list from your accountant. It may not be older than 1 week. It should show how many full-time or part-time employees work at the business location.

    How your application is assessed

    The municipality will assess your application and will look at:

    • The number of full-time employees in your company if you are applying for multiple parking permits.
    • The paid parking zone where your company is located.
    • Whether you have or are able to create parking spaces on your company’s own premises.
    • The number of parking permits you already have.

        Fees for company parking permit

        The price of a permit depends on the neighbourhood in which your company is located. More information about the rates can be found under Costs and number of company parking permits. You pay a one-time fee of € 14.70 for each permit application (rate for 2021).

        The starting and ending date of your permit depends on the neighbourhood for which you have a permit.

        How long does the application take?

        Has your application been approved and are you paying through iDeal? Then you will receive your registration number within 1 week and 1 day later your PIN code in a separate envelope. From that moment on you will be able to use the parking permit.

        For payments by direct debit: once payment is received you will receive your registration number within a week and 1 day later your PIN code in a separate envelope. From that moment on you will be able to use the parking permit.

        For payments with an acceptgiro payment transfer slip the application takes 14 days.


          Online (in Dutch)

          Complete the online form below to apply for a company parking permit.

          Apply for a parking permit for companies

          In writing

          You can also apply for the parking permit in writing. Use the Parking permit application form for companies.

          Parking permit application form for companies (in Dutch) (PDF, 94,5 kB)

          Complete the form and send it with the required documents to the Municipal Parking Division:

            Gemeente Den Haag
            Handhavingsorganisatie, afdeling Parkeren
            Antwoordnummer 1435
            2501 VK Den Haag