How to contact the Municipal Parking Division

You can arrange many of your municipal parking affairs yourself online. Are you unable to do what you need? Contact the Municipal Parking Division.

It is very busy and it could take a longer time before the municipality notifies you about your parking permit. The municipality apologises for any inconvenience.

You can arrange many of your municipal parking affairs yourself online. For example:

Look at all the topics on the Parking page. Or go directly to MijnDenHaag.

Call 14070

Do you have a question for the Municipal Parking Division? Call tel. 14070.


You can also ask your question in a chat. You can find the chat button on the page Contact with the municipality.

Sending an email or letter

Would you rather send an email or letter? Look at the addresses.

Frequently asked questions

  • Read what you can do if there are problems with the parking registration system. Try for the time being to pay in another way, for example at a parking meter or using your mobile phone.
  • You can request your PIN code at the municipality. You can also apply for a new code. You arrange this yourself in MijnDenHaag. Look for more information at Parking permit: look up or change PIN code or registration number.
  • Did you pay at the parking meter and then get the notification 'betaling is mislukt'? Pay again for the amount of time you want to park. You can ask the municipality to reimburse you later for the amount you overpaid. To do this send an email to Include:

    • your name
    • your address
    • your bank account number
    • the number of the parking meter where you paid
    • a copy of the full bank statement showing you paid twice. You will receive the amount you overpaid within 2 weeks.

    Technical problem

    Is there a technical problem? Call tel. (070) 353 68 20. This telephone number is also displayed on the sticker on the parking meter.

  • Pay the parking ticket right away online in MijnDenHaag. Or transfer the amount to the municipality. Read more about this on the page Parking ticket.

    Are you unable to pay the parking ticket on time? Apply for a payment scheme.

  • Did you get a parking ticket and do you disagree with it? Then you can challenge a parking ticket (naheffingsaanslag).

    Do you disagree with another decision by the municipality? There are other objection procedures for this.

  • You can purchase an extra 50 hours of credit in 1 permit. You do this in MijnDenHaag. More information can be found in Purchasing and carrying over parking credit.
  • Apply for a replacement card at the municipality. You will have to pay for this. More information at Disabled parking card lost or stolen.
  • In MijnDenHaag you can:

    • switch your number plate (temporarily and permanently)
    • authorise a direct debit
    • change your bank account
    • pay your parking permit
    • cancel your parking permit
    • change your PIN code
    • look at your parking credit
    • purchase extra parking credit
    • look at your permit area
    • pay your parking ticket

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Published: 4 October 2021Modified: 16 February 2023