The Hague - Temporarily abroad during the European Parliament elections

Temporarily abroad during the European Parliament elections

Are you abroad on 23 May 2019 during the European Parliament elections? For example, for your work, studies or vacation? And are you still registered in a Dutch municipality or in Bonaire, Sint Eustatius or Saba? Vote by proxy or by post.

Authorise someone else to vote on your behalf (proxy)

Authorise a family member or friend in the Netherlands to vote on your behalf. The person voting on your behalf must cast his or her own vote at the same time. Submit a request at the municipality in which you are registered to grant an authorisation.

Are you abroad for only a short time or only on the day of the elections? You are advised to give someone written authorisation to vote on your behalf.

Vote by post

You can also vote by post from your temporary foreign address using a postal voting slip. To do this you need to register in advance.

This is how you can request a postal voting slip.

  • Complete the form using your physical or postal address abroad (your voting documents will always be sent to a foreign address) and sign it.
  • Send the form together with a copy of your valid  to the Elections Unit of the Municipality of The Hague.

    Request a postal voting slip

    You can do this in different ways:

      • Print out the signed form and upload it using the upload page.



      Send the form by post to:
      Gemeente Den Haag
      Verkiezingen KBN
      Postbus 84008
      2508 AA Den Haag

      Your request for a postal voting slip must be at the Municipality of TheHague by 25 April 2019 at 23.59 hrs. (CET).

      Keep in mind slow or less reliable postal delivery

      Have you decided to vote by post? Keep in mind that it takes time to send something back and forth by post. Are you in a country in which the postal service is slow or less reliable? Then it is advisable to have someone vote on your behalf. You can authorise someone to do so. Because of course you would like to be certain that your vote arrives in time.

      More information

      Do you have any questions? Contact the Elections Unit.

      Also see Dutch voters abroad

      Published: 26 February 2019Modified: 26 February 2019