Change your details as a Dutch voter abroad

Are you registered as a Dutch voter abroad? And would you like to change your details? Read how to do this.

New address in foreign country

Do you have a new address in a foreign country? You can use DigiD to change your details in the Non-residents Records Database (RNI) yourself. To do this go to the page Begin external link: Verhuizen in het buitenland(External link), end external link. on

Other government organisations in the Netherlands will also receive the change.

No DigiD and/or other changes

You can also change your address using the amendment form below. You can also change other details in your permanent voter registration. For example your email address or how you would like to receive your voting ballot.

  1. Complete the form
    Begin external link: Change your details(External link), end external link.
  2. Print it
  3. Sign it
  4. Scan it
  5. Send it together with a copy of your Begin link: valid identity document, end link. :
    • via a personal upload link. You will receive this link by email after filling in the form
    • by sending an email to: Begin link:, end link. (send your application as an attachment, preferably as a PDF or JPG)
    • by post to:
      Gemeente Den Haag
      Verkiezingen KBN
      Postbus 84 008
      2508 AA Den Haag
Would you like to request a replacement postal voting slip? You can do this using the Begin link: application form for a replacement postal voting slip, end link. . You can also use it to report a change in your (email) address.

Deregister as a Dutch voter abroad

When you move back to the Netherlands, you will automatically be deregistered from the register of Dutch voters abroad. You will be notified about this. You can also deregister yourself as a Dutch voter abroad. To do this fill in the amendment form. In the field ‘Ik wil een andere wijziging doorgeven’ state that you would like to have your file removed (uw dossier laten verwijderen).

Please note: changes are valid only for register of Dutch voters abroad

Are you reporting the change using the amendment form and not in the Non-residents Records Database (RNI)? Then your details will not change, for example, at the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) or Tax Administration (Belastingdienst). Would you like these government agencies to know about your new information? Then have your details changed in the Non-residents Records Database. Read more at: Begin external link: Verhuizen in het buitenland(External link), end external link. (


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