The Hague Housing Inspection Bureau

The Hague Housing Inspection Bureau (Haagse Pandbrigade) works to improve the quality of life and safety in The Hague’s neighbourhoods.

The bureau’s work focuses on reducing nuisance and dangerous situations in buildings. Their work includes the following:

  • detecting and tackling illegal residence (overcrowding and unlawful subletting)
  • checking whether the personal details of the occupants are the same as in the Personal Records Database (BRP)
  • carrying out further investigations and taking appropriate measures if necessary
  • dealing with serious cases of overdue maintenance in buildings
  • investigating whether people are making wrongful use of social assistance, such as welfare fraud

Filing a report

  • If someone in your living environment is doing illegal construction work, you can report this under Report illegal construction work.
  • Houses and caravans have to comply with certain requirements before people can take up residence. If your rental property has overdue maintenance and the owner has not made the necessary repairs on time, you can report this under Report overdue maintenance on rental home.
  • Too many people living in 1 home often cause nuisance and it can also lead to dangerous situations. If you suspect overcrowding or unlawful subletting, you can Report domestic nuisance.
  • If you hear your neighbours making noise or if an occupant is behaving strangely or making too much noise, you can Report domestic nuisance.

Due to the coronavirus it can take a bit longer before the municipality deals with your complaint.

How it works

The Hague Housing Inspection Bureau (Haagse Pandbrigade) will visit the house if necessary. The inspectors will ring at the door, introduce themselves and explain why they are there. Often this is followed by a short walk through the house. If everything is in order, the matter is closed.

However, if the inspectors encounter any irregularities, legal measures may be taken. This means that the owner or occupant has to stop his illegal or dangerous activities. If he fails to do this, the owner or occupant may be charged with a penalty. If the situation is dangerous, staff of The Hague Housing Inspection Bureau may close and seal off the house. In that case, nobody will be allowed to enter the house.

The municipality will deal with your complaint as swiftly as possible. The particular situation will determine how fast it will follow up and what its approach will be. It is not always possible for the municipality to inform you about its actions.

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Published: 25 October 2016Modified: 4 November 2021